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Novaya Factory

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*Mak would press down the PTT*

Heyo, my name's Jacob Makarov, or Mak as some of you might know me.

I've been doing merc work in this country for quite a bit, and have managed to set up a rather extensive network of informants and other mercenary organizations; yesterday I traveled to Novaya and saw that, apart from the police station and school, the rest of the buildings are inhabited. Thus I'm officially declaring that the big building in the industrial area will be my new office, where mercs can be hired, hits ordered and protection bought. 

Everyone is welcome and, within the walls of the compound, under my protection.

*Would release the PTT and look at his new office*


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*Wong pushes down the PTT*

Well..This is awkward...my boys were going to set up there today build hella walls and shit but..fuck it I guess.

If you don't construct walls within 24 hours the Savages will take over said factory building and make a great wall around it.

*Wong releases PTT*

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*Would press the PTT*

Wongy-boy man, how about we split it? I don't need much room, just need to be able to receive costumers in an appropriate manner. 

*would release the PTT*


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*Hector would grab the PTT*

Hey vatos I need a place to sleep mind if I stay there for a while? 

*Hector would release the PTT*

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*Wong Pushes down the PTT*

Only you though... None of your other god damn rapist friends! 

*Releases PTT*

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*Tom pushes the PTT*

*A Smooth Texan Accent comes down the other end*

"And Can one procure work from this type of establishment? Cause if so, I might know a guy"

*A spit and a ting can be heard from a nearby bucket*

*Tom Releases the button*

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*would press the PTT*

Ye Hector, mi casa es tu casa, don't mind.

Don't know what you mean by that Wong, got no rapist friends.

Sure mister texan, if you're a straight shot I'm sure I can find you suitable work.

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*Tom perks up at the thought of work*

*Tom presses the PTT*

"I will be in touch"

*Tom releases the PTT*

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                                                                                                 *Chodwick presses down the PTT*

            The 'Ghost Town' is once again reopening, and this time I hope for the better, I'm glad a level headed man like yourself Makarov has taken to overseeing it.

                                                               Good luck with the days to come, not sure what kind of backlash may ensue.

                                                                                                     *Chodwick releases the PTT*

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He smiles while he watches over the city. Suddenly he sees Makarov and he waves, while waving he almost falls to his death

Good to hear that we work here now


He stops smiling and goes down the ladder, he radio falls out of his pocket and hits the cold floor

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*Luca presses down the PTT*
Sounds good. Might head up sometime to say hi or something.

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*Jiri hears the transmission and presses his PTT while standing infront of devils castle*

"Remember bratrs, no Russian.."

*He looks at his operatives and cocks his gun*

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6 minutes ago, BiggsbeOG said:

*Press PTT*

"So I finally found out the name of this man.

You and the Jackals may have taken me but you was to scared to give me a name.

But you can tell the person that said it through the radio 

Better watch your back Makarov and just so happens

I know where to find you now.

We will be having a meeting in the future"

 *Releases PTT"

Some crazy shit man, what a fine memory you have for some who was skewered with a great sword.

Sure, whatever, see you soon.

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Posted (edited)

*William would press down the ptt*

”Are you gonna be like the coward saviors and hide in the factory all day and night....Let me just say Praise the slayer of John Moody......John Johnson... and his almighty screwdriver Bear...”

*William releases the ptt*

Edited by Dad

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