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YNW Jasper

S1 - Invalid Execution 2019-04-01, 04:45

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Server and location: S1 Novaya Petrovka Church 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-04-01, 04:32

Your in game name: Jamell Antoinette 

Names of allies involved: None 

Name of suspect/s: The Corporation, @HeinrichStawski and an ally of his named Corey 

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Unfortunately I hit "Turn Off" instead of "Save" for shadowplay so I don't have any sadly

Detailed POV: I was strolling at the barns above Novaya Petrovka and was taken captive by the corporation with whom we had a firefight with a day or two prior to this. They promptly tell me to drop my radio and keep following them. I try to mute my teamspeak with my hotkey but it didn't work so I tabbed out to do so. He tells me if they start "Getting shot at im going to kill you"

I am then taken into the church and get some enjoyable torture and interrogation RP by Heinrich and answer several of their questions. Then I am told to sit in the corner so I do so and am about to get some more engaging hostile RP from Heinrich but it is cut short by Corey saying "OH I SEE A GREEN ARMBAND OUT THERE WHAT DID I TELL YOU?" and I tried to relent, saying that I didn't say anything on the radio and that my friends weren't even close when I was taken AFAIK and am then promptly shot in the face. 

This was disappointing as I was enjoying the hostile RP and would have liked more of that instead of being executed for someone being near that wasn't even my friend apparently. 

Goes without saying but I am of course willing to talk it out with the accused on discord or my Teamspeak. Just ask. 

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It was actually valid, I didn't take into account that one of their members survived the encounter from last night. I'd like to drop this report. 

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A team of Staff Members have reviewed this report. 

We will honor the OPs request and close the report.


Signed by: @Pontiff & @RandyRP

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