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groovy chernon

[Open Freq] Seeking Professional Medical Attention

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*Ruda sits on the cold hard floor of the building, expressing verbal pain as he reaches into his tattered backpack and pulls out his trusty handheld radio, holding down the Push To Talk button and broadcasting with a strained Chernarussian voice*


"I have been injured by a gun shot wound to my right shoulder.. I have stopped the bleeding with a torn piece of a shirt, but I don't think the bullet exited my shoulder, and the wound itself seems to becoming swollen and red.. I am located in a bar north of the large town hall building in Novodmitrovsk.."

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*Your radio sparks back to life, static and wavering at first as silence continues through the speaker. A few moments pass before a voice, speaking softly, is heard.*

There are some doctors ... I've met them, currently residing with them. Could lead you back to where they live, but


Wary of your location.

And your sincerity.

*Your radio once again falls silent, almost too soon, cutting off the last portion of her words.*

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*Ruda clenches the PTT button on the radio again and speaks, annoyed*

"The wound already hurts just sitting here, I'm not sure I can drag myself around South Zagoria with the threat of infected, bandits, and wolves around every corner, this was the closest city to where I got injured. I need somebody before this thing gets worse, I am already beginning  to sweat like crazy!"

*The Chernarussian man grunted in pain and let go.*

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*Your radio once more bursts to life, the voice responding much quicker than before.*

Understood... I've made them aware, stand by for now. I will let you know as soon as I know. Keep stable, don't move and uh ...

*The sounds of papers flipping can be heard.*

Keep pressure on the wound ... to reduce bleeding...

*Your radio once more falls silent.*

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*Ruda presses down on the PTT*

"I'll wait."

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* The Captain overhears the conversation taking place and picks his radio up from the desk,as he marks the positions mentioned on a map and begins to transmit. *

” This is Captain Heinrich, Alpha Company 3-34. We are receiving you both. To the injured, what is your name and current situation? We can dispatch a team to your location but the other individual is right. It is advised you relocate to a safer position. We can provide needed aid and extract you from the area. “

* The Captain lights a cigarette, as he looks over injured civilians. The sounds of his men providing what aid they can, is heard in the background. *

” To the person speaking of medical personnel you reside with. Alpha Company could use your help. We provide survivors and ourselves with what medical aid we can, but the best we have are field medics. No actual doctors. Would you and your medical team be interested in joining us? These survivors and my men could use your help. “

* Injured screams are overheard, as a soldier tightly applies a bandage to a female’s wounded lower leg. Before the transmission cuts out. *

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*Hearing the radio come to life, yours responds in kind. The voice of a young woman speaking carefully, as if measuring each word and it's weight, makes it's way through your speaker.*

Hello Captain Heinrich.

We managed to get the man some help from the doctors we're staying with. He's stable now, even has their frequency in times of need. 

You say you need doctors? This group may be of assistance. Alas, I do not speak for them. 

Please reach out on frequency 99.9 Hz to discuss any further prospects of a joint union or merger. I cannot promise this will be successful, but your needs and theirs may align. 

Thank you for your time, always faithful.

*Once more, your radio falls silent the dull static buzz all that remains of the girls lingering words.*

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* The Captain is relieved to hear the survivor in need was provided aid and a that the response came from the female mentioning medical personnel. He takes a drink from his canteen and begins to transmit. *

" Copy your last ma'am, good to hear the survivor in need was tended to. I will indeed reach out via comms channel mentioned. "

"Stay safe, remain vigilant. "

* The Captain ends the transmission, calling his 1st Lieutenant over to review the transmission channel provided and conversations that had taken place. They are both pleased to see the growth of good in the region. *

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