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The Unknown Calle....r

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*Mark looks to his right... intensely staring into the cold dead eyes of a dead zombie*
*Exhausted he falls to the ground and sits back on top of the Novodmitrovsk tower drained... tired*
*With blood dripping from his head and the heavy sweat of the fight to survive with the Zombie he had just killed starts to drip down his face....*
*He looks down at his radio and holds the PTT button down and looks up into the clear blue... illusive sky and begins to talk and call out for his friends.. asking where they are.*

"Le.... Lets see if this thing works... My name is Mark Rogers, I am... I don't even know... *You hear groans and cries* I don't think survival is an option without my people... Morgan, If you hear this we've moved away from this location... It is not safe *A door in the background starts to crack and bang* Zombies have taken over the city.... Criminals keep destroying and looting everything... We've started running south towa.... OH SHIT!!

*Mark accidentally drops the radio in a panic to hold the door shut*
*As the radio hits the ground it breaks and the transmission stops before it gets to finish* 

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*Rob gets woken up from his daily nightmares by a voice coming from his radio*

*Even despite the heavy buzzing, he easily realizes it's Mark and his heart stops for a split second*

*He quickly reaches for the radio and presses the PTT*

"Mark? Mark! What's going on?"

*He feels dizzy even thinking about their base being taken over by a horde of zombies and bandit scum. Their base. Their home.*

*Rob goes out to take a few breaths of fresh air and presses the PTT again*

Mark, if you can hear me, I'll get to you as soon as possible. Just let me know where. What the hell happened while I was gone?

*A wave of pain throbs in his head, so he releases the PTT and waits for the response*

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