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Regarding our recent chat [CLOSED FREQ]

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*A very exhausted and bloodsoaked Jordan Nichols slumps in the corner of his office. He drops his weapon by his side heavily and buries his face in his hands. Now the shock of recent events has set in, he believes, given the circumstances that he deserves a break. But the blood-spattered walls weren't going to clean themselves. He slowly and shakily reaches for his radio, fumbles around with the frequencies before reaching the desired one, he clears his throat and composes himself, before pressing the PTT*

*A well-spoken English accent can beheard*

"This is a message for Mr. Wong of the group known as the Savages and/or The Green Dragons. This is Mr. Jordan Nichols, Chief of communications and diplomatic relations for Her Majesty's Distinguished Order of the Cavaliers.
This is a message following our recent negotiations held in our home of Albion."

*He pauses as he prepares his hastily-written notes*

"I, Mr. Nichols, on the behalf of Her Majesty's Order of the Cavaliers, relinquish all diplomatic relations with the group known as 'Alpha Company'. Hereby cancelling our defence pact treaty."

"I've upheld my end of the bargain, Mr. Wong, I sincerely hope that you do the same."



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*Wong Presses down the PTT*

I hope you're not lying Mr new boss of Cavaliers. Take care now.

*Releases the PTT*

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