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S1 RDM? 2019-03-30, 00:55 Devils castle

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Server and location: S1 Devils Castle interior walls

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-03-30 00:55

Your in game name: Jamell Antoinette 

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: No clue, maybe a confused Revenant 

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Uploading it now. Only caught after we were saved from former comrades. 

Detailed description of the events: On my new character I decided to roll up towards Devils castle after someone earlier told me that there was a lot of people around there. I pulled up to the gates and am promptly told by someone attacking the castle that I needed to put my hands up. I complied as I figured I was very very outnumbered. I am led inside and see a lot of hostages there too. One of my hostage takers tells me something slick so I told him "Hey shutcho ol' fatass up to be honest" and he then shot near my foot. I said "Ay don't be shooting my feet I cain't ball with no feet my guy" and then I am told to go up the staircase near the castle but am then told to go down it. 

Then one of the other hostages said something to me in a cowboy hat. I said I don't trust that cowboy hat and due to his southern accent called him a cracker. He then said something and I said "Naw B I know you got some kind of hood under that hat if you catch my drift boy" and he said "No but I got a derringer under there with your name on it 'BOY'" 

As a man who has lived in the southern united states for a large part of my life, usually when someone with a southern accent calls someone of color BOY with that tone of voice, it's like a sneaky way of calling them the N word without actually saying it, so I reacted and said I'd whoop his ass. He then puts his hands down and attacks me while I have my hands up so I put my hands down and laid the whoopin' on him until the hostage takers informed me not to lay him out like that in front of a crowd. So we both put our hands back up. 

Shortly after the hostage takers are sniped. I then am told it's ok to put my hands down by the people who saved me, presumably the Revenants/Former saviours and all the other hostages do it too. I then walk near one of the dead hostage takers bodies as I saw someone who was also a hostage looting it and am promptly one tapped by someone I don't know. 

That's about it. My footage starts after the hostage takers are dead. It's rendering now but should be up in about twenty or so minutes. Don't know if maybe there was one hostage taker still alive that shot me, or if it was a Savior that was maybe confused or something, or maybe even one of the other hostages. Either way I don't really know. 

Nevermind i'd like to drop it. This was a mis-id. 

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15 minutes ago, Jasper said:

Nevermind i'd like to drop it. This was a mis-id. 

@Jasper As stated here you would like to drop the report correct?

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A Team of Staff Members have looked over this report.

We will honor the OPs request to close this report. As stated it is a Mis-ID, please in future situations make sure that it is the correct person before you fire.


Signed By: @Samti, @Zilly, & @RandyRP

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