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Suggestion: Add Night Vision Goggles Mod

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Sorry for separating my two suggestions into two separate posts, but I felt it was smart to consider not everyone wanted to support both Build Anywhere and this mod. This way both individual suggestions can receive support separate from each other.

I think adding Night Vision Goggles to the server would be cool, it would give more end-game things for groups to have, and it would facilitate a more professional look for groups looking for that aesthetic. Not to mention, having them for immersive and spooky night roleplay would be great in my opinion.

This suggestion takes less priority in my books compared to Build Anywhere, but I still think it would be a nice addition. Thanks for your consideration!

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I would love Night Vision to be honest. +1

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Thanks @CamoRPbut I'll leave this up anyway to garner attention for it and to see if there are any new opinions on it considering the last post on the mentioned thread is from the 22nd. Thanks again for the link, though.

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