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S1 - KoS/Ruleplay? - Near Grishino? - 2019-03-29 ~05:20

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Posted (edited)

Server and location: S1 I think near Grishino but I'm not sure of the town

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-03-29 ~05:20

Your in game name:  Maxim Korbel

Names of allies involved:  None

Name of suspect/s: Logs will show

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events:  I just logged in an heard footsteps outside so I looked out the window to see a handful of men going around. Thinking it wasn't safe to stick around as I'm by myself I waited maybe a minute when I thought it was safe to GTFO and ran out of town as fast as I could. I soon noticed a man with a green helmet following me and this went on for a good 5 mins, probably more. I was trying to lose him but he seemingly ran just as fast as I did. After a while I turned around to express my disagreement with being followed and was gunned down instantly. When reviewing the footage I noticed a second man that I didn't see at first probably because I was so focused on the first. I'm just trying to figure out the reason I was gunned down so quick. I they had more than on person following me why didn't they just initiate to take me safely? It seems to me that they just wanted me to do the first move so that they could gun me down and take my gear with no RP. At no point did I threatened to shoot so I didn't initiate, I just asked not to be followed, albeit with an aggressive tone.

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POV: Was near Grishino with a few homies RPing, saw a guy in all black with a brown hunting backpack with a weapon out hiding behind the buildings and being all around shady. @DK_Majorand I decided to follow the guy to see what he was up to however, as soon as he noticed that we saw him he started sprinting as fast as possible away from us which is fairly common and to be fair I completely expected it. About 5 minutes later I finally get within to voice range and attempt to politely ask him if he would stop running so we could have a conversation in fact I never even pulled my rifle out until after he decided he was going to pull his gun and threaten me. Once he pulls his UMP and began to turn whilst raising, I realized he wasn't into a conversation he would rather attempt to kill me. So in return I drew my weapon, and he yelled at me extremely aggressively (whilst aiming a loaded weapon at me with the clear intention to kill or be killed) "Hey, how about you stop fucking following me ". At which point I came to the conclusion, this man is aiming a weapon at me, that if he fires first I will die, and that my only backup DK is a good 15m behind more or at least I thought. So I made the decision to fire, because very clearly if I hadn't he would have killed me since he had literally just initiated on me, regardless of whether or not he wanted to be initiated on, he very clearly makes a threat against my life resulting in him being shot. 

As a side bar he began running for a solid 5-8 minutes after he realized I shot him which is closing on the side of avoiding RP, since the moment he realized that I saw him and was going to speak to him he sprinted fast as humanly possible away.

To make a direct statement to the claim of Ruleplay, I was unaware of your intentions of when you pulled a gun aimed at me and subsequently clearly initiate on me other than the fact that you would have most definitely killed me had I not reacted in the way that I had since I A. Didn't have my weapon drawn B. Only had one friendly around who was more than safe engagement range to save me and C. Was unaware as to the weapon you had, or could've had, since you had it stored in your back pack. So rather than rule play, I would say that this is a clear case of, you initiated on me with the clear intent to kill me if I did not follow your demands, however I was simply luckier in this scenario and my first .308 round uncon'd you and you never got the chance to fire back. 

I do not have any video evidence to provide

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1 minute ago, -CML-NorWayy said:

POV: Was near Grishino with a few homies RPing, saw a guy in all black with a brown hunting backpack with a weapon out hiding behind the buildings and being all around shady.

That is a flat out lie. I never took my gun out when I was in town, I sprinted out of the house right after spawning in and ran straight for the outrskirts. I only took my pistol to hand when I noticed you following me which was well over 2 mins after I left town.

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You had your pistol out behind the small red one story next to the barns, 25 meters to my left when I saw you.

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Hit Logs:

05:15:59 | Player "Maxim Korbel" hit by Player "Vitaliy Makarovich" into RightLeg with Bullet_308Win from 25.7336 meters 
05:16:00 | Player "Maxim Korbel" hit by Player "Vitaliy Makarovich" into Torso with Bullet_308Win from 25.6594 meters 

Kill Logs:

05:16:00 | Player "Maxim Korbel" killed by Player "Vitaliy Makarovich" with M1A SOCOM

Chat Logs:

05:17:02 | Chat("Vitaliy Makarovich"): *spits on corpse*

Connection Logs:

05:05:48 | Player "Maxim Korbel" is connected

02:47:39 | Player "Vitaliy Makarovich" is connected
05:45:47 | Player "Vitaliy Makarovich" has been disconnected

Calling in:

@OldSchool - Maxim Korbel | POSTED

@-CML-NorWayy - Vitaliy Makarovich | POSTED

For their full detailed POV. Along with any other evidence that they may have of this situation. Please also list all of your allies that were involved.

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@OldSchool Is this the full video? It looks to be longer judging by it only being a 34 second clip. If so please post the full unedited video. 

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Posted (edited)

That's all my shadowplay caught after I pressed the button to record after it happened. I logged into the house, waited a minute and sprinted out of town and ran until they got in range for what seemed to me to be 5-8 mins, there was no interaction whatsoever before that.

Edited by OldSchool

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@-CML-NorWayy - Invalid Kill (On Sight) / Ruleplay - Not Guilty


The Staff Team reviewing this report have come to the conclusion that @-CML-NorWayy will not be found guilty of any rule breaks.

@OldSchool, After you stop in the field to face Norway, you immediately raise your weapon in a hostile manner and state a clear demand for them to "stop following" you. You are then gunned down as a result to your action.

  • 4.1 All initiations and hostile actions as well as their demands and conditions must be made clear and unambiguous to all involved players.

As you can see, you stated a demand in a hostile tone of voice whilst at the same time raising your weapon at @-CML-NorWayy and therefore threatening his life.

Furthermore, we do not see any violations in form of Ruleplay, which is only the case if a player uses the server rules to his or her advantage over realistic roleplay.
In this case, everything that happened was legit. You initiated on @-CML-NorWayy and he rightfully used his defender rights to shoot.

Although we see no rule breaks in this situation, we still want to mention that you, @OldSchool, are seen running away from someone trying to roleplay with you for a significant amount of time before realizing you cannot outrun him and therefore stopping to face him. This could have easily turned into avoiding RP if you had made no effort to roleplay with him at all. We do realize that in a realistic situation if you feel threatened you would run for your life and try to lose the people in the trees, however due to the fact @-CML-NorWayy was fairly close to you, it was the right choice for you to stop for him. 

We hope this summary cleared up some questions. With the above said, the following applies


@-CML-NorWayy - Invalid Kill (On Sight) - No actions taken

Signed by @Phoenix, @RandyRP & @Pontiff

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