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A Message From Andy

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*Static could heard before Andy begins to speak*

*Static could be heard as the radio goes silent*

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*Ricardo would start jumping up and down in excitement before holding down his PTT*

"Hey Andy how you doing man glad to see that your okay man."

*Ricardo would release his PTT*

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*Bogdan would pick up the radio and press down the button.*
Boss good to hear your voice.
Hope your doing well.
*He would let go of the button.*

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*Jacob would press the PTT*

Damn Andy, iss Mak, thought you were dead. What'd you leave for? Was unemployed for god damn months. We need you back, too many people around that need to be reminded what their place is.

Also the D7 isn't too bad mate, it's a contractor like another.

*Mak would chuckle* 

Doesn't pay as well as you did, but well, we don't plunder as much either.

We got people to see, contracts to take and -inaudible- to siege, give me a call when you're in the country.

*lets go of the PTT*

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• Liam would hear the familiar voice and smile like he had not in many months, hitting the PTT soon after•

”Here’s to you ya’ crazy bastard”

he hums and talks another swig from the bottle of vodka

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