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Looking for Trade

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*Dennis pulls the radio out of his pack with a wince of pain and pushes down the PTT*

To anyone who can here this, my name is Dennis. I'm holed up in a building right now recovering from an attack, gonna be here a while so might as well make the most of it. If you are in the Devils Castle or Severograd area I am willing to trade for supplies. I've got...

*sounds of rummaging are heard*

I've got some extra food, assorted ammo, some medical supplies and a gun, let me see here...

*metal clanking is heard*

Says here it's an SG dash 5K, no magazine but seems to be in fairly good condition. If you wanna trade, meet me at the green house south of Severograd and east of Devils Castle, down a small dirt road and next to a wooded area. I can see Devils castle from here so I'm closer to there. I'll be here for sometime to rest up. Dennis out.

*he lets go of the PTT and leans back on the couch to rest*

*the radio comes back on again soon after*

I forgot to mention, I'll be listening in to the 102.5 Mhz frequency, so if you need to contact me, use that one. Dennis out.

*the radio cuts out again*

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