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The Signal [W.I.P - Archive]

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- The story behind the group -

[This is to be written over the next few days, too tired]


- The goals of the group. These have been split into 3 IC sections followed by 1 OOC section -


- Goals relating to the survival of the group -

I  Upon re-emerging from the mountains the group should become familiar with current group politics, and the current goings-on in Chernarus [DAY 640]

II  Once ready, the group should begin stock-piling on what they can find at a temporary / permanent solution for shelter [DAY 647]

III  With some form of home to fall back on, the group should begin to reach out and begin making relations and building ties with current organisations and groups [DAY 661]

IV If not already, the group should try to increase in size, and with this, introduce roles which use each individual's strongest features to maximise the efficiency of the group [DAY 670]



- Goals relating to the group's field of work -

Once SURVIVAL III is achieved, this branch of goals can begin. It is too early to be writing in print what exactly The Signal will be carrying out in Chernarus, as the group's areas of work will likely be heavily influenced by actions of others. However, as ties with other groups grows, this particular area of goals will expand.



- Goals relating to the group's image and interests -

[To be added within next few days]


- Out of character goals of the group -

[To be added within next few days]


- A list of members publically representing the group -

Clancy Road

Liam Carter


- Affiliates, related groups and hostilities -

-   The Signal currently shows no relation to any other public group or organisation   -



- Information regarding the group's current state on recruitment and association -


The Signal is not currently accepting OOC applications.

The Signal is currently accepting IC applications.

OOC Application: Please contact Alone.

IC Application: Simply find the group in-game and you'll see.


The Signal is currently accepting both IC and OOC offers to improve relations with other prominent groups.

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Good luck with this group. I remember when I came from a two year break, you guys were the first people I encountered and I was immediately hooked back.

I also really like your old thread group song. Cant remember the name but it played at the end of Fight Club

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We do not allow WIP groups. Please contact a Mod for this to be unarchived to complete your group.

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