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Differentiating between situations.

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We deemed these situations to be separate and not a continuation of one another. Our thinking is that the first situation ended with the execution of Kai. Kamenici went to the Summer Camp to assist allies taken hostage by the Jackals. Green Dragons happened to be ride up from Chernogorsk where they had regrouped because of the commotion created by the firefight between Kamenici and Jackals.


Seeing as this was the verdict in the report found here:

Can somebody explain to me how in the heavens this can be seen as two situations?

It's perfectly okay for the survivors of the firefight to use their defense rights, but how in the heavens can you try to argue that the firefight is OVER if they use the rights they gained from it?


If we came back to a fight that happened in Novaya Petrovka with a few survivors and all the people that died, using the defence rights that were gained, in the same location, with the same people. Wouldn't that be classed as the same situation?


If possible, I'd like to request an answer from the big man @Roland himself, because I've always been under the impression that if you use the rights you gained from a situation, then you have re-established line of sight, and therefore are continuing the situation.

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You're right. It's still the same situation if the same kill rights are used for both. So technically, the same situation can last for as long as 2 hours (because that's how long defender rights last), even if NLR timer is only 1 hour and may have already expired. Wasn't stated clearly enough in the NLR rule, so I fixed that.

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