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Kill Rights - Approved group

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Posted (edited)

I just read that report verdict, Click.

And there is something that completely throws me off.

"Secondly, you are apart of the same approved group, meaning that @Mak had kill rights on you for your allies not complying".

So when my ally doesn't comply and I was not initiated on and we are in the same group, I can just get killed?

That does not seem right to me. Clarification?

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If one is a part of official group, one gains not only positive things like kill right sharing, but negative things as well, for example sharing responsibility for actions done by your fellow group members. We treat an official group as a single entity, therefore an action taken by one member affects all members. For example, if one group member gains kill rights, all of them do. Similarly, this works also the other way around as well, if someone gets kill rights on one of your group member, they get rights on the entire group. Otherwise it wouldn't be fair and allow for situations where single group members are sent in as a bait or just to initiate and gain rights for the rest of the group.

Whether people should use these kill rights and drop other group members who were not involved in someones stupidity or recklessness is an entirely different question.

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