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I’m back! ( open frequency 77.1 )

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* Kevin looks out of the window, his mind finally clear, his thoughts back in place, he picks up the radio and tunes it so hopefully everyone will hear and presses the PTT *

” Hello this is Doctor Kevin Shock! Or Shark to some “ 

* keivn let’s out a laugh which makes him feel good *

” I’m a psychiatrist! It’s nice to meet you. As some may know, something truly horrific happened to me that sent me into a dark pit and made me question who I am, what I am doing and if I can really help people, that kind of thinking ends now!!. It made me truly respect what I am up against in this land and also to help stop those falling into the hole I found myself in....again. So I am returning to roam this land and aid those in need, please contact me on frequency on 77.1 to arrange a appointment and il get to you as soon as I can, also remember anything said between me and a client is strictly confidential. “

* Kevin places the radio on the table and walks towards the window, looking out to the land scape with a huge smile, the knife cut on his neck starts to flair up again in pain * 

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*The old man sits the bed on one of the apartments skimming through the frequencies slowly, turning the knob. Suddenly he hears a familiar voice going on about it about half way of the broadcast. He grins and pushes the ptt*

"Oh! Hello there, Doctor Shock! I've not seen you for the few days of me going around the land. Got my old ass worried that something bad has happened to you. But it makes me happy to know you are still around, and not been claimed by the horrors of the world." *A chuckle could be heard* "But keep up the good work, and don't let the darkness of the world and others consume you, and turn you into a man you are not! Good luck."

"Old man, Out"

*He lifts his finger and stands up, looking out of the window onto the street, giving a small sigh at the amount of infected roaming the streets.*

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Doctor James checks the bandage on his belly and gently prods the stitching with a low hiss when he hears the voice of Kevin over the radio. He can't help the smile that forms, and he shifts to gingerly lean over to grab his radio.


"Good to hear your back at it, Kevin. I'm still down enjoying the ocean view if you want to take that walk later."

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Posted (edited)

Dale picked his head up from the pillow with a sudden jerk when his radio went off. Groggily, he made his way to the windowsill, and picked up the radio. He looked out over Chernogorsk and smiled as he pressed onto the PTT, his words echoing in the empty room.

"Real good to have you back Doctor Shock, we all missed you, and don't forget we're all here for you. I'll see you again on the trail, best of luck my friend."

Dale lowered the radio and looked out at the city. Without looking he turned off the radio and set it back on the windowsill, where he leaned and looked out to the city.

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Posted (edited)

*Lucifer presses down the PTT in excitement to hear the Doctors voice*

"Hello Kevin it's so good to hear that your head is back in one piece and not in a pile on the floor *you hear a mumbled laugh* I would very much like to have another session, I feel that it has been quite a while since our last one and I have a few things I need to get off my chest. I'd greatly appreciate to hear from you soon. Your friend, Lucifer."

*Before the transmission ends you hear him take a few steps and begin to sing "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" followed by another chuckle and he releases the PTT*

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*starts transmission while attempting to sound genuine, and speaks in an unnatural southern accent*

"My God, I cant believe theirs still amazing people trying to offer help to those in need. I feel that I am in dire need of psychiatric help doctor. I would like to make an appointment ASAP. Sincerely, Jeremiah Johnson. God bless."

* Transmission stops*

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