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Honest Opinions about my Characters

Is Hunter Moroz a Artyom Tarkov 2.0?  

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Hey everybody. So recently while I've not been on the server, I have done some thinking over my current character, Hunter Moroz now I do enjoy playing as him and how he has made a bunch of friends in game and I've enjoyed making his journal entries. However, like my friend @FireDude once said after he PK Eddie Malone and created Noah McKaine he didn't want Noah to be Eddie 2.0. Now with myself and Hunter, I am starting to think I'm making him more like Artyom Tarkov my previous character who I PK. So I guess this is aiming towards people who have met me as both Artyom and Hunter...do you think Hunter is an Artyom 2.0? Or do you guys think Hunter is a completely different character when it comes to how he acts and how he treats people? I would like honest answers as I want to improve Hunter more as time goes on. 



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Can he fire a gun decently? If so most people will be gucci with your character.

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With a similar background and way of RP youre gonns feel like they are the same, but nah man you play them different.  

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The thing that makes my character most distinct from each other is accent, I went from Australian to Mexican to English, which helps a lot, I don't remember what Artyom's main purpose was when you played him but as @FireDude says if you play them differently I wouldn't worry about it, if you start feeling like it is becoming a discount of your other character just think about changing certain things in your goals IG and what you plan to do with Hunter, but your CP for Hunter is very well put together so I don't see you running into any problems!

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Yeah when you were playing with your English accent when Eddie and preston we're around was good. Then you changed to Russian so its all good. Your characters are different and Arty and Hunter play different, look different, and 100% torture different. Damn chicken soup. 

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Seeing as I've only spoken to your character once, I abstained from voting.

That being said, comparing both of character pages I've noticed Hunter Moroz has a very fleshed out personal story, and that you've put a lot of work into his character. That alone seems proof enough that you haven't just Crtl - C/V 'd it. 

Moreover, the fact that you've created this thread means you are conscious of the relative similarness between Hunter and Artyom, I.E Chernobyl, Red Star Survivors, the journal, etc... to me that shows you care and you're taking active steps to improve Hunter, and make him unique, keep doing that.

As long as you keep Hunter and Artyom separate in your own head, you'll be fine.

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