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Looking for a Nuclear Physicist

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*Pogo reaches into his bag, and grabs his radio. He holds down the PTT and with an excited tone he talks to anyone who is listening*

Hello survivors, I just have a quick little question to ask anyone who is listening.

I am looking for a nuclear physicist.

If you are a nuclear physicist please contact me on my personal radio frequency 97.4 thank you.

Oh and don't ask questions.

*Pogo ends the broadcast and goes back talking with the group of people in Devils Castle*

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*William presses his ptt*

”What the fuck you building a nuke or some shit?” 

*releases his ptt*

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*Holds down PTT*

"Big plans in the near future my peeps......."

*would hear laughter in the background*

*Releases PTT*

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*Pogo startled by the response holds down the PTT*

Uhhh.. no. Not building a nuke sir.

I said don't ask questions

*Pogo lets go of PTT*

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*Hunter would turn on his radio as he was out hunting for something for dinner as he pushed the PTT*

"My old friend...did you forget where I've been almost my whole life? If it's anything Nuclear then just ask when I come back over. I think I got some documents about Nuclear Physics in my backpack somewhere. Be back in a bit old friend" 

*Hunter would let go of the PTT and go back to hunting*

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*Pogo grabs his radio and holds the PTT down*

Oh I should of remembered man. 

Well come visit me. I have a project that needs working on

*Pogo lets go of PTT*

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*Hunter grabbed his radio and held the PTT down*

"Alright, I'm back my friend. I managed to find some old documents I kept on my travels in Chernobyl. These could be useful for whatever you have in mind, my friend. Hurry your ass back here"

*Hunter let go of his PTT*

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