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Work for the common people [Open frequency]

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Posted (edited)

*Thick Russian accent can be heard as he presses the PTT*
Good evening ladies and gentlemen of South Zagoria.
This is Vadim of the Green Dragons I speak on behalf of my organization.
As you all know the gun ban is still in effect but we wish to find ways to work with you common people instead of harassing you in the streets.
I have a proposal for you if you have a working settlement or some way of working beside us all harassment from our side will stop.
I will be listening in to this frequency, if you're interested please respond.
*Releases the PTT as he takes a sip from his bottle*

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*A british voice could be heard, muffled from a gas mask*

"Hello Vadim, does this mean you are looking to trade for these banned rifles?

Does this mean that people can be exempt from your ban if they perform certain tasks?

Lastly, how assured can anyone be that if a deal is made, that it will be stuck to?

I don't mean to come across as rude. I am genuinely curious."

*The voice would fade to silence*

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* The voice of a American begins to transmit. *

" Seems you are getting cleaver Green Dragons, now you wish to attempt baiting the survivors in the region? Having them come to you freely, so you can torture and kill them further?"

* Conversations between military personnel and civilians can be heard in the background. *

" Any survivors listening to this broadcast, disregard the Green Dragons attempt at trapping you and causing you more harm. Should you require aid, know there are many of us out there, we are looking for you. We will find you and we will help you. "

" Stay safe, remain vigilant. "

* The transmission cuts out sharply. *


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*The voice of a young Somalian man can be heard*

Stupid Americans always holding a grudge. These dragons have done good for many people.

*The man is heard hiding his radio "no captain its not a walkie talkie, I'm just talking with myself," the mans voice returns*

You and your army toys aren't wanted around here anyways. I plan to help the dragons out whenever I can, and you dumb dumb's can't tell me otherwise. Anyways, dragon man I'm glad to see this offer extended outwards, I know many out there will take you up on it.

*Loud yelling is heard over the radio "DAMMIT UWAE I TOLD YOU NOT TO USE THE THAT THING!" the transmission ends abruptly*

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Posted (edited)

*Rose stops walking to better listen to the voices coming over the radio.  When the transmissions end, she raises the radio to her lips and presses the PTT*

”Okay, this is the first I’ve heard of a gun ban.  Could someone please provide details such as which types of guns and ammo, if any, are included in the ban?  Also, since I didn’t start to fully listen until I heard the words “gun ban,” would someone be kind enough to repeat the full name of the agency, err, I mean organization enforcing the ban?  Also, um, the organization’s 10-20, if known, would be greatly appreciated.”

*She releases the PTT and pauses for a moment before continuing*

”A couple of the transmissions were a bit garbled, so, I apologize for asking for clarification.”

*Rose releases the button, lowers the radio’s volume, and, without turning the radio off, puts it in her backpack.  She then puts the pack on her back, scans her surroundings and starts walking . . . walking and searching*

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* The same American voice from before is heard. *

" Be advised, there is a hostile group called The Green Dragons. They are attempting to enforce a gun ban on survivors in the region. If you do not hand over your weapons to them, they will shoot you. Hell, they will probably shoot you regardless.

* The sounds of weapons loading in the background can be heard, coupled with the voices of what seem to be military personnel. *

" This is not a official ban, it is a attempt from The Green Dragons to disarm the surviving population and obtain dominance over the region. This hostile group has been seen operating in Kabanino, the Airfield North of it, and the surrounding areas. 

* More sounds of faint conversations are heard, with what can now be identified as civilians and military personnel. *

" Just recently a recon team spotted them operating in Zelenogorsk as well. They are identified by the all black clothing they wear, with green armbands. Sometimes they remove the armbands though, adding to their already deceitful ways.

* The transmission remains open, to the sounds of other radios being used to contact others. *

" Stay away from these people, unless you wish to fight them. If so, reach out to us again. We will join you, as will our Allies. "

"Stay safe, remain vigilant."

* The transmission ends. *


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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Mia said:


Wong picks up the radio and presses down the PTT responding to the lady.

"The gun ban is for all AUTOMATIC RIFLES I'll list them here for you. 




all AK variants.

All these guns will be removed from people if found hopefully without force being needed. As Vadim has said however if you have a settlement or other things which we can talk about in person we can cut a deal with you and if you're apart of a group then that can be extended to them also. We're not here to track people down or bait the people of this country to us we don't need to do that. however, there are a few groups out there that can back us up with what we're trying to do here as there are a few who already have a deal with us and are allowed to keep their automatics. 

If you wish to speak further feel free to get in contact with a green dragon on the road or contact us privately to set a meet. 

*Releases the PTT*

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43 minutes ago, J1988Dizzle said:


Wong takes a breather before pressing the PTT down again

Want to correct you group we're at war with will be shot yes. Survivors that work with us or abide by the gun ban will not be harmed. 

We don't not have  a uniform so stop misinforming the people on the radio, the only group that wears all black are the Saviors with their blue armbands. 

We also operate everywhere are influence spreads far and wide. 

Wong stops for a second and takes a sip from his canteen

To everyone listening in, do not listen to this cowards words joining him and his allies will only mean bad things there is no positive outcome fighting us listen to Vadim work out a deal and we can all get along. 


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