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Sam Fields

[99.1] Missing vehicle spotted

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*A gruff English voice could be heard*

"Jyacob, I don't know if you read me but I may have spotted one of your stolen automobiles."

*You hear a thump of metal as he slams down the car's bonnet*

"Looks abandoned. But whoever pinched it must have taken the battery out of it. Looks in pretty good nick; otherwise. It's roughly two and a half clicks south west of you, in some woods west of a small military outpost. I expect you know of the place."

"Hopefully you have some spare parts laying around and can come and collect it. Seemed that the boot was emptied when they left it. Good luck."

*The PTT is released*


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*Yakov listens to the radio message while sitting on the watchtower, his rifle trained on a lone zombie meandering through the woods*

"Ah, děkuji Mr. James. I will inform my bratr of this find and hopefully we can recover the vehicle. I and my group are in your debt. If you ever need a place of refuge we can accommodate  you and your people. Our work continues repairing the holes in the wall.

*You hear a large thud as Klaus & Silvestr drop the wall from it's place*

"Oi bratr! Careful!. I must go now Mr. James, but thank you again."

*Silence fills the airwaves*

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