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Surrendering with 1 hand compared to 2.

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Okay, it's question time.


I couldnt find any proper info on this aside from a quote from Pontiff on discord, so I will ask publicly instead.


If you are initiated on, and you are told to put one hand up (In order to move faster) are you allowed to relay information assuming your radio hasn't been taken?


Personally I am completely against that, since the only reason anyone is asked to put one hand up is to speed up the process of moving the hostage, realisticly speaking you could ask a person to put both hands on their head and start jogging in a direction, but the limitations of the surrender animation restricts it to a walking speed.

So yeah, I'd like a clear answer here.


Is relaying information while 1 hand is up considered metagaming?

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If 1 hand is up to make the moving of the hostage faster, the hostage takers will have a bigger risk of a radio being used as one hand is up and one hand can technically be used to push a PTT button down.

Here are some ideas to reduce the risk of this happening

1. Frisk the hostage for the radio before moving them. That way if you decide to move them with 1 hand up, they won't have a radio to relay information over.
2. Move them with both of their hands up. It may take much longer but definitely stops them from relaying information over radio since their hands up.
3. Move them with 1 hand up to a safe location. Take their radio. Then move them to a different place.

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I would like to start this by saying that the quote that @Mak cited in this report has been misused and taken out of context. It was supposed to drive the debate at hand forward and was in no way, shape or form a statement. When in doubt, refer to the rules.

It is my humble opinion that once you have surrendered, whether or not your hands are up, you should not be communicating with your team. You are to behave realistically (3.2), and talking into a radio while surrounded by several people just because you have one hand down is not realistic in my book. We used to accept, IC, the fact that having one hand up was a valid form of surrender since raising both hands would often result in your weapon being yeeted. It is my opinion that the rule regarding surrendering needs to be overhauled any way since the default shortcut is different and there is no pulse check any more.

As of today, following @Phoenix guidelines above is a solid way to prevent metagaming with the current iteration of our rules.

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