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Leo Wong

The Outcast Radio [One-way Freq]

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~Radio static can be heard and slowly drops~ *The sound of a horde of infected takes over, then gunshots can be clearly heard*

“Good morning survivors, I'm your host, Solomon Lucky and you're listening to the first broadcast of The Outcast Radio.” Says a fatigued voice, followed by a long pause.

“Today I'm going to start with a segment I call… drumroll, please… Rumors of Chernarus!” A short pause follows with a vain attempt at singing an intro from Solomon Lucky. He eventually gives up.

“First on our table are rumors of a man dubbed “The Zombie Fucker”... I would not wanna be near this guy…” Laughs awkwardly.

“We have received multiple reports of a homeless man “getting it on” with our lovely infected. He has been spotted in the Novaya Petrovka area so if you see any oddballs, stay as far away as possible… you never know what you may catch.” A short pause follows and the sound of infected and gunshots floods the radio.

Fuck fuck FUCK FUCK, Solomon Lucky signing out” ~Radio signal slowly fades~

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Vro reaches into his bag of moldy jello and pulls out his radio, pressing the PTT.

”Someone didn’t like your content I suppose. Who be raiding your place?”

Vro releases the PTT and shudders as he reaches back into the disgusting bag of rotting jello to replace his radio.

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