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Base Raiding?

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Hey all, I'm relatively new so please don't hate. Just a couple questions though. For what reasons can someone rob a base? Does the owner of the base have to be online? What do i do if I'm griefed/robbed while offline? Thanks,Everyone!!!!!!!  

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Anyone can rob your base. Even if you are offline. There are no rules protecting you from hording gear without the risk of it getting stolen.
It is a risk you take when owning a base in the first place.

If you find that your base has been broken down for no apparent reason and an excessive amount of loot has been left on the ground to despawn, you can file a griefing report.

Hope I could help.

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Offline raiding as of yet is perfectly reasonable.

You can raid a camp for a number of reasons, perhaps it belongs to an enemy and you wish to disarm them.

Perhaps you are in dire need of food and figure they have some inside, or a number of other reasons.

Generally however, you don't really need a reason to check inside.

The general consensus is however that you don't break down more walls than necessary, try to keep damage at a minimum and only take what you need/want.


Pulling items out of containers to despawn them is considered griefing for the record.

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