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Guest [NA] Isaac

Intro To DayZ.ero.

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Guest [NA] Isaac

*Three days before the outbreak, Location LAX airport, United states, California. Awaiting arrival of the plane*

*Marching from the front curb after kissing his grandmother good bye for what would be the last time he would see her again.

A photo of the only family he's ever known resting in his wallet. Isaac, after checking his bags in thought to him self

*"What an adventure...Hired to moddle Russian buildings for a game company...finally...looks like life finally gave me a bone."* Laughing to him self as he proceeded to the ticket counter, greeting the clerk with a smile and a friendly "hello".*

*Two days before outbreak. Location Moscow, Russia.*

*marching about the square, escorted by Russian officials, letting him take select photos. Isaac could tell they were trying to show only the good side, as a few times he's aimed a clean photo shot at a few run down buildings only to be blocked by one of the group. He thought to him self of only what an annoyance this could really be. At least the trip was free, and he still had what he needed to get back to work, back home.*

*23 Hours before outbreak. Hotel near airport on Russian soil.*

*talking over Skype to his grandmother over a headset, looking out of his room window into the hotel, telling her about the sights that he did see. How he's seen many people of different types, and quite a few tourists despite the place being so bleak in an odd feeling. After hanging up he stood, walked to the window and looked to the sky, he was ready to take his plane home. Something clawed at his mind, trying to be noticed, but Isaac simply waved it off, he was in too good of a mood to finally be going home.*

*Mid flight, off the shores of Electro...*

*sitting middle seat between two fat women, both easily over four hundred pounds, fat folding over the seat onto Issac's arms and sides only made him feel more, and more sick to his stomach. The smell, he thought, was the the worst part, he could even handle the fat if the smell didn't remind him of spoiled eggs, vomit, and burnt rubber. As he lurched forward to throw up into the bag he quickly pulled from the seat back in front of him, The ladies let out a blood chilling scream, they recoiled back from Isaac. Sadly, as Isaac came up for a breath, he only breathed in a fresh vomit smell, mixed with everything they still smelled of, only forcing him to vomit again. The flight attendants quickly helped the first one out, then Isaac, who they rushed to the back of the plane. Sitting at the back he smiled up at one of the flight attendants, and asked "why not sooner?"

*As Isaac reached up and wiped his face clean, the breathing bags fell from over head, and he knew something had gone wrong. The plane shook hard, sending everyone who wasn't buckled up flying, Screaming broke lose. Panic set in to many, a few kissed, a few cried...everyone believed it was impossible, and finally moments before hitting the water, everyone accepted death. The front end hit first, smashing first half open and slowing the rest, the rear of the plane stopping for a moment in the water's sudden shock of denseness, only to let go a moment later and start sinking rapidly. It plunged in quickly and Isaac with a few others at the back, started to try and open the escape doors, but the water pressure from out side holding it closed.

Grabbing one of the inflatable rafts and looping it around his arm, Isaac started to climb into the water, he knew if he could get out, and inflate the raft, he might make it as long as he could take it to the surface. The others fallowed him, desperate of trying to avoid drowning in the rising water. as they made it past the broken half, they realized they were coming to the ground, half of those that made it out, 7 all together, grabbed onto the raft as Isaac pulled the cord, the raft quickly filled, the ropes on the side held onto by the group. As it broke the surface, Isaac lost grip, And was dragged away by a rouge tide. With no ability to keep with the other people who he only knew from seeing them in the plane, he had no contact with anyone, and no idea where he'd be...if he would even survive to get there.

So begins the tale of Isaac on the Shores of a new land, danger awaits, and a story yet hasn't been finished.

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the intro for my character, it can have a few other survivors write their own set up and just happen to be on the same plane, who knows. Live has many twists and turns. See you all around.

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Lovely story, good luck with your application.

Remember to read up on the rules here and feel free to PM a community helper if you've any questions in need of answering.

If one isn't available, you can always post a thread regarding a query, but please try and use the search function first and maybe you'll already find an answer for your question!

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