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Won't let me join sercer

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@Forthewin, what error message are you receiving? A little description would help 😉

Also //Moved to questions

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Try the following and see if it helps you out:

-Verify game files can help

-Deleting XML Files can help. Documents > Dayz

-Unsubscribing/Resubscribing to the mod can help

Also this guide will help as well:



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We use the DayZRP Mod and the Moreguns Mod too. It's in the link above 😃 .

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Also, little side-note.

Make sure that you are using the 'DayZ Launcher' from Steam (Right-Click, Run DayZ Launcher) and not the DayZSA Launcher, as that won't work.
Information about how to set up, get started and join the server can be found here; https://www.dayzrp.com/join/

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I've had this problem yesterday. I just restarted the game twice and it started working fine after that.

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