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Requesting Medical Personnel

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Hope would remain sat at her table drink her black coffee with a few clumps of sugar to sweeten the bitterness. She takes a few sips before taking her radio. She would press the PTT to talk, the southern sounding British lady would speak. She is attempting to hide the pain in her ribs.

"This is Dr. Hope, employee of the Red Cross. 

I have recently come across many people saying they have not seen many doctors within the area.

As a request from one physician to another, I would like anyone with a medical degree or training. Heck, even knowledge, to come forth.

I would like to speak face to face with you to seek the common interests we all did in the old world.

I hope you take my offer,

Have a nice day and stay safe."

The radio would cut off as she looks around the room, realising the clock had stopped almost on 1pm. She sighs, taking another large swig of the coffee.


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James hears the voice on the radio, a brief guilty look flashing over his expression as his hand comes up to rub through the short stubble on his chin. He ponders for a lengthy few moments before he keys his radio.


It is good to hear your voice Doctor Hope, you are sounding much better then when we last met. I hope the walk to the clinic didn't pain you too badly.

This is Doctor James Cole, I'd be more then willing to meet up again. Although I'm surprised to hear you ran into anyone saying that. I usually get greeted with 'Yet another doctor?' whenever I introduce myself.


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Hope smiles at the voice, replying to the doctor.

"Ah, well, maybe I'm being lied too. As for my injury..."

She lets her pained voice show a bit more.

"I'm just holding back."

Before chuckling. When she does, it causes her immediate regrets and leads her to hiss a cold air through her teeth. She pauses a brief moment.

"Any...ways... Dr. James, if you know anyone besides yourself that you can bring to this talk which medical knowledge, please, bring them. 

I will give a place and a time soon. Take care until then."

The radio cuts off once more of Hope's voice.

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"Well, welcome back. Whoever told you there was a lack of doctors in the area is quite simply an idiot who has never turned on a radio. However, more doctors are always welcome."


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Hope would respond to the person with a soft tone. Finally finishing her coffee.

”Well, the more people who finally know there are doctors the better chance we can help them.”

She lets the radio switch off.

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Fisher smiles when he hears a familiar voice, he presses the PTT

"Doctor Hope, this is Doctor Fisher"

"We have met a long time ago! I hope you still remember me!"

He laughs

"I am working at my Clinic in Stary Sobor again if you ever want to meet!"

"I hope to see you soon doc.."

"Fisher out"

He releases the PTT

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* Kevin is busy picking the bullet out of his vest when he hears hopes voice on the radio. He picks up the radio and press the PTT *

“ Ah Doctor hope! This is Doctor Kevin Shock. It’s good to hear your voice, I do hope you are feeling better, last time I saw you was you on your back “ 

* Kevin let’s go of the PTT quickly realising how bad that sounded, he presses the PTT *

” anyway....I’m glad you are doing ok, as you know my medical training for physical injury problems is very limited but for psychological problems...I think I can help in some way. I hope to hear back from you soon “ 

* Kevin places the radio down on the table as jams his pen into the side of the bullet in the vest, with one quick twist the bullet pops out and onto the floor * 

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*Dylan would pick up the radio and presses the PTT* 

"Ah, good morning Doctor. My name is Dr River. Myself and another doctor are setting up a hospital in the East. Contact me on a private frequency and we can meet up and talk work. I use 98.2. If I don't answer straight away, try again in an hour or so after. I may have my radio off. 

*Dylan releases the PTT*

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*the voice sounds exhausted*

"I wish you luck in whatever you are doing, but be careful. All of you. Multiple attempts over the past two years to set up clinics, hospitals, and other areas have resulted in a few weeks, maybe a month or two survival, before having to go into hiding. Peace treaties don't work, there are always people here who don't care that you are willing to help them, you're helping their enemy. Most medical groups who were completely neutral were ran out because of this. 

One persons entire hospital staff was executed by a fanatic group because the lead doctor and owner was a woman and they felt women should not be doctors, and she refused to close her hospital. Most of the time your supplies will be taken, area strewn about, and a lot of people are gonna try to control what you do and threaten death when you tell them to fuck off. I had people try to plant a shit ton of limbs in a building nearby my hospital and try to claim we were doing human experiments, which was complete bullshit....we still are freaked out about where he could have even gotten the limb count that was found... also have tried to have areas for emergencies and pretty much got threatened with death because 'we didn't have permission' from the large group running around... then the building got shot up anyways and a bunch of medics and a guard got shot....Ended up having to evacuate my hospital after a bunch of threats including people trying to get us to go gather guns for them and refusing... we're medics...how that even made sense I'll never know...we have weapons to protect ourselves and our patients, we don't collect them for any other reason. Oh and of course that resulted in people planting a bunch of weaponry in our tents and trying to go 'they lied!' 

I'm not saying don't help people, that's the very last thing I'd say. Just be careful. I'd love to open the hospital and get people working together again, but I'm not going to until things settle down. I'm not willing to risk those lives again. Your best bet is to stay word of mouth for awhile. Get a feeling for what is going on and around. Dr. Fisher, I told you the same. Be careful. Help everyone you can, but be careful. There are reasons you don't see the other clinics and hospitals being staffed right now, and its not for a lack of want. 

Dr. Valentine out." 




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*Kazimir would speak softly over the radio in his thick Russian accent.*

"Huh... that is name I have not heard in a very long time. It is nice to hear you are still kicking Ms... Picses was it? I can attempt to help if you so wish. Stay safe."

*The transmission fades.*

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