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Finally got Accepted!

Read my backstory Please!

James Henning was born on March 26 1997 on a Marine Base in the Pacific His father was Famous Marine Colonel John Henning of the 3rd Marine Division. James mother Mary was a Nurse at the Base Hospital. From 1997 to 2008 John and his Family Lived on Marine Bases around the World,and From the Day he could walk James’s Father showed him how to be a Marine.

In 2009 James Family was moved to a small Air Force base in chernarus where is father watched over the Training of Company 47 in Chernarus so they could stand up against the Militia’s . During that Time James Grew to Love the Province of chernarus and its People, He loved its rolling hills and vast Forests and strived to learn every detail of it and its people.

For High School James went to a United Nations School where he Met a Boy named vladimir chekhov, Vladimir was the Son of a Radical Chernarus Nationalist named Joseph Chekhov, James became interested in the Lives of the Nationalists they lived in a Militia camp In Devils Castle, Not far from the Air Force Base. James began spending more and more time at the camp and began adopting Radical Views of the United States and Russia.

By this time in his life James had become distant from his father, the Now General John Henning Commanding Officer of the 3rd Marine Division, James began Fighting with his Father Daily and Even starting Giving Information on Marine movements to the Nationalists. On May 1st 2011 James shot his father 3 times in the Chest with his fathers hunting Rifle, he then stole Supply truck containing 2 Crates of m16 Rifles and 1 Crate of Russian RPG-7’s and Ammunition and went into Hiding in the Black Forest.

After 3 months of hiding in the Forest James moved to Devils Castle and Met with his old Friend Vladimir's Father who was now the Leader of the Poorly armed Nationalist Militia. When given the News of the Weapons and ammunition James had with him, Joseph Welcomed him as a Son and told him he was Family now. James changed his name to James Chekhov and began Waging war on the Men stationed at the Air Force Base.

Two Weeks after joining the Militia Movement the Plague began, People began to turn into “Zombie” and soon the Militia Camp was riddled with the Sick, one Night James fled the Camp with Weapons and ammo and Vowed he would Return. Vowed to Fight Again.

Its been months since the Militia Fell to the Sick, James Survives on the Knowledge that the Governments of both the United states and Russia had fallen he survived on that knowledge for weeks until one day, When Hunting in the Woods a noise began to Fill his ears a Roar of a Engine, and not just any engine but the engine of a Marine helicopter with the 24th MEF emblazoned on the Door. - James Chekhov

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For the title of this thread, I hereby un-whitelist you.

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For the title of this thread, I hereby un-whitelist you.

You kidding I hope.

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