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Ryan Shepherd

Ireland appreciation thread remaining locked

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Hello staff team.

Recently I created an Ireland appreciation thread, it became heated by a certain few towards the end and it was locked. Usually when a thread becomes heated, verbal warning are dished out and then literal warning points and maybe a locked thread for a few hours till things calm down. However it remains locked even after I contacted the member of staff who originally closed it and their reply was 'I don't have the authority to unlock it, will have to ask'.

Linked below are other country appreciation threads, just like mine, that remain open (as they should) its not a meme thread nor created to be an IRA loving thread meme thread.

Is there a reason this remains locked?

Thank you.








United Kingdom

Last but not least, Arsenal (Ty @GMAK)



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It was locked, and will remain locked, because people for whatever reason cannot maturely handle a discussion when it comes to Ireland. The same issue has arisen in the past with Irish groups that are IRA based. Put simply it creates too toxic of a thread, and the thread itself doesn't need to exist. So it won't.

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