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Can't find the server

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I dont know why, but i dont see the Server in the serverlist and i cant connect via the ip.. this is really strange, because i deactivated all the filters…

the only way i see this Server is via the dayz SA launcher, but i cant connect to the Server, it stucks in the loading screen...

i never had this Problem and all the other Servers are working fine 😕

can anybody pls help ?

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Posted (edited)

Hi there, I'm sure a staff member will be along to assist you in a more professional manner but have you followed this? https://www.dayzrp.com/join/

DayZRP has it's own mod set and must be activated via the launcher in order to join. These mods being; DayZRP, MoreGuns which can be found via the link above or a quick search in the Steam workshop.

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Hey there,

Use the in-game server browser to search for the server, not the DayZ SA launcher. Before joining, make sure that you've subscribed to both the 'DayZRP Mod' and the 'MoreGuns Mod', as connecting to the server without both of these mods loaded will result in a disconnect with the message "Bad Version, connection rejected".

Also, make sure that you've created a character page, and that it is set as 'Active' and 'Alive'.

Once you've done this, open Steam and right-click on DayZ in your Steam Games Library. From the drop-down menu, select 'Run DayZ Launcher'. Once the DayZ Launcher has opened, go to the 'Mods' tab and make sure that both of the mods are loaded and up to date. Afterwards, go to the 'Parameters' tab, and where it says "Profile Name", enter your character's name (Your active character on the forums). Once you've done all this, simply press 'Play' in the launcher.

Once the game has loaded up, open the server browser. Here you wanna go to the 'Community Tab' and press the 'Reset Filters' buttons. Once the filters have reset, enter "DayZRP" under 'Name filter' and press the 'Apply Filters' button followed by the 'Refresh Server List' button.

It'll take a while before the server shows up, about a minute or two, but the server should eventually pop-up together with a different polish roleplaying server.


Hopefully, this helped. If not, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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