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Benny's Notes

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These are notes from information I get IC. If you at any point steal this Notebook from Benny IC you will have access to this information plus the Journal.

Group/People Notes:

- Met a group named " The Green Dragons ". Trading is under their control?
- John Moody got drunk and died fighting a bear? 
- Group of nationalists running around deporting people. Not met yet.
- The King and Queens are a group of greasers. Possible target?
- Females are protected by crews... Oh Jeezh, I wonder why that is?
- " The Stig " is following me around. 

Location Notes:

- There's an old camp near Novy, possible target?
- Settlement called New Haven is located on the coast?
- The Russians have a camp located in the midlands. Strictly off limits. 
- The northern part of the country is flooded with the cough. 

Miscellaneous Notes:

- The sea is infested with mines? 
- Drugs, Weapons and Medical Supplies, three main currency's.

- The Infected are quick and easy to take on 1 on 1. Grouped together can be a hand full.

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