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Cannibalism Disease

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With eating human meat you can get the disease which causes your character to laugh and giggle uncontrollably, can this be used in another way to portray a crazy/mentally unstable character? Also is this laughing disease known to all characters as cannibalism and nothing else as I'm interested in playing an unstable character in the future but don't want to be assumed as a cannibal every time i RP with people?

tia, Fogg

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No it is not known cause it is extremely rare in RL. Like extremely rare. Not even most doctors would know about it. 

The ingame-disease and effects also doesn't make sense since it needs 5-10 years to develop them in RL.

When someone accuses you of being a cannibal cause of a laughter, that's metagame. 

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I believe that people cannot assume your character is a cannibal if they laugh like that as it can be seen as meta gaming. So I think you could do it and no one would know you are a cannibal IC (In Character), but OOC (Out Of Character) they would have suspicions. Normally when I encounter someone with that laugh, I normally act like they think something I said is funny or I just ignore it because I know there is something mentally wrong with them, so I try not to insult them or get caught up in their business. 

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Posted (edited)

I agree with what you all say about the disease irl but for a mentally unstable character it works quite well to add depth to the character personally. I'm glad to hear that it would be metagaming if they call me a cannibal IC so thank you for clearing that up for me. I had a quick look around but couldn't find anything on it in rules etc. I look forward to playing that character in the future, jeckyll and hyde style. thanks guys

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