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Flynt Caverly's Diary

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*The small leather bound book is worn and tattered, at least 1/6 of the pages at the front have been torn out*

*On the cover of the book are the initials A.L, it appears to have once belonged by a small child. Made evident by a small selection of cartoonish stickers on it's cover* 

*The diary is written in pencil, said pencil is bound to the side of the diary*

Entry 1: 

My name is Flynt Caverly,

I'm just another unfortunate soul trapped inside this purgatory. I used to be part of the maintainence crew aboard the shipping vessel beached upon the shore. It's a long story.. but once the decision was made to purposely ground the ship during the storm, we all went our seperate ways. A few didn't survive us grounding the ship but I never really knew them, I didn't have to/nor did I morn.

After everyone left, I spent a few days living at the wreck inside my old cabin. I suppose in some vague hope that they'd come back.. loneliness is a hell of a thing. They never did. So I decided to go it alone, the first few days were tough, picking through bins and hunting a badger can be added to my non-existent checklist of things to do. 

It took a while to meet someone actually 'alive' behind their eyes. It was whilst I was picking through the scarps at a military airfield when one of the damned took a liking to me.. a young woman by the name of Annabell came rushing over and gave me a hand and helped me dispatch of it. I was surprised to meet a fellow native English speaker out here. I learnt very little about her, I didn't ask questions and neither did she, I respect that. I gave her this bullshit story about me needing 'military water purification tablets' for my group down south at the shipping container, even though I lied to her... I feel as if it was more of a lie to myself, kid myself into thinking I had a purpose out here, like I was counted on my someone for once. Not to mention, it gave me a comforting facade of a safely blanket, I used to prefer to be hurt by the truth instead to be comforted by lies. I much prefer the latter now. Ignorance is bliss these days. 

She said she'd help and take me into town to meet a group called "The Saviours" and to get help from their doctor, I couldn't look in her eye as I said thank you. She genuinely wanted to and did help me and yet I fed her a yarn of untruths that were more to myself than her, I suppose that's the least of my worries at the moment. God has abandoned me, he did from birth.. why would he care about me now? 

These "Saviours" however, turned out to be a bust.. no doctor and no help. I was in relief, my lie would hold up and remain a facade of truth to her. She left not long after with a small group, I had no time to get to know them before they set off out of town. I assume they were an element of the "Saviours". 

After spending a few hours in town, I met a man named Karl. I told him the same tall tale, he helped me too and stuck by me as I headed back to the container ship. We even managed to kill a few Wolves before we made it back.  Needless to say, I like Karl.. he can be trusted. 

*There is a sketched and shaded drawing of a man wearing a Boonie Hat and a Face Mask, written underneath is: "Karl" *


Entry 2: 

I've been living in an old abandoned home on the outskirts of some village with a name I most certainly can't pronounce. On the first night I decide to go through the bookcase to look for something useful to use for tinder, I came across this small diary. Something compelled me to not burn this perticular book and I don't know why. Seems silly to write things down but it's a medium to keep me mentally stable. 

I met Karl again last night and he stopped over the night before heading further south to meet another group. He offered me to travel with him but I said i'd join him later, I needed rest and time to mull over the things I had learnt that day. He carries a secret, one that I now know.. I'll tell him mine once I next meet him. 

As I write this, i'm sitting at a table and watching the sun rise behind the tree's. It's light picking out a deer in the clearing.. something tranquil about all this. I'm going to set off to find this group and Karl after a few days more rest, as much as I do adore the travel on my feet. I at least want to pick through this town and get a couple of good nights sleep behind me before setting off. 

*A drawing of the clearing and the deer can be seen, with the sun rising above the pine trees in the background* 

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Entry 3: 

The promise of the United Nation's was a bust, I figured as much. I can't see why I'd ever think such a group would survive long enough out here to be truly effective or even be able to carry out its task. 

I walked into what I believed was Staroye.. upon entering town I heard suppressed shots. After bumbling my way into a small compound, I met a young woman called Anna. I never did get her last name.. it seems that I'm good at learning first names and not last ones.

This Anna, bless her, she was eating a bag of rice raw in front of me. I couldn't help but feel compassion and sorrow for her. It turns out that the tinned spaghetti was a good choice to give her, personally I hate the stuff when it's not fresh. I'm glad it at least fed someone who liked it/needed it. 

After watching her almost inhale the spaghetti at an alarming rate, she mentioned about being lost and needing to find her cousin.. everyone seems lost these days. Always searching for something or someone. I told her about myself wanting to join up with the UN and helping out where I could.. she said I'd made a good start so far. 

After a few moments chatting we decided to go and check out the military base at the top of the hill, where the UN were supposed to be. On a side note: the place is built up like a fortress, every entrance covered by some kind of fortification. I must admit, I'm rather impressed. 

Once we arrived at what can only be ironically dubbed as "Fortress Fandango" due to its.. lack of activity at the time. Anna grabbed some supplies from the free bins of items at the front of the compound. I felt compelled to help this woman, Lord knows why but something seemed different about her. 

We set up a campfire and some sleeping spots inside the old barn just off of the 'UN Camp' for the night. She seemed impressed at my knowledge of bush craft, I never thought me cutting down a tree and making a fire would impress a woman but here we are. After giving her a pork steak to get her teeth stuck into, she seemed to open up more.. even joke with me. I admit not being around women has made my sense of humour rather brash but she enjoyed it.. or seemed to.  

The jokes getting slightly more flirty as the night went on and she even did the same. The fire certainly didn't help, the shadows it cast and the light it gave allowed me to properly look at Anna.. she was attractive. 

I can't imagine how stupid it must sound, just met a random woman.. help her and then, well.. whatever it is. It seems odd, her compliments of my hair and looks, not to mention the risky jokes just compounded the fact that this woman was.. attractive. She was different. I must be foolish by falling for something like this but.. perhaps it's the lack and want of a sense of belonging that made me like this woman. 

We slept in the barn that night, her on the hay and myself by the door. Keeping guard. It must have been late morning when we woke, the sun streamed into the barn, it's golden beams lighting up the inside. Anna was awake before I was, she's light footed.. I'll give her that.  

After brushing off what hay was left upon one another we headed back up to the camp to see if anyone had arrived during the night. Luckily someone had, an American man. Bearing unfortunate news, the UN had folded and was now replaced with Task Force Alpha. Same goals, different name.. less freedom. After originally showing interest.. my mind wandered, to Anna and her situation. She said she had family who needed her help, in her village. I believed her, could have been a fabricated lie but I believed her none the less.  

My mind taken over by the prospect of getting to know this woman more.. it excited me. Possibly settling down and helping this community find food.. a stable rock for them. Not only did that attract me to joining Anna in helping her.. but she did too. Finding her cousin and providing food to her family, the prospects excited me.  

We set off early afternoon to a small village that I can't remember the name of. At least in English that is, she said she'd find her cousin there after he disappeared. I honestly think he ran away.. it wouldn't surprise me. The long travel only seemed to bring us closer. More casual flirting and chatting burned the hours of travel away.. she mentioned a place in Cherno. A comedy club and restaurant.. I offered to take her, she accepted.  

*A smallish drawing of a woman with short hair wearing a cap. It is captioned as Anna* 

We arrived in the village where he cousin supposedly lived, after deciding to look for a "Yellow house" we split up to search the town.. that was the last I saw of her. I searched the town but she had gone.. 

I suppose that's what I get for falling for a woman I've only met once. I'll keep an eye and ear out for her. Ask at the Task Force Alpha guys to see if they hear anything. 

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