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A Message to the Freemen (Open Freq.)

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*Luca presses down the PTT*

Yo. This is Luca. One of the leaders of Gen Z. 
I'm sure most of you know who I am, especially your leaders as we had a nice conversation the other day & back at stary.
I want to know how and why you shot at one of my boys when he was not involved in anything that was happening at green mountain.
He's telling me that a group attacked you and he was simply there hanging out at GM at the time and because he didn't jump to your aid immediately and decided to stay out of the situation you started shooting at him. 

*She pauses for a moment, looking over to Jay Wong*

I'm glad he's still alive you know. It seems you missed. But he's my family and I care about him, as I care about all the others.

I am not happy at all. What happened to our groups getting along? It seems you're becoming a target to more and more people and we are not going to stand by your side if you continue shit talking my guys.

I liked you guys when you had your base at stary, but since you moved to Green Mountain all I am hearing from friends and other groups is that when people come up to hang out, they are met with hostile behavior or end up getting shot at for hardly any good reason.
My boy was up there last night. Infact, we all were. We were sitting by your gate waiting for you turn up so we could have a chat about the situation. I was willing to talk about it and let it go. Wong stayed behind to wait for you guys when the rest of us got bored of waiting and he tells me you guys were extremely hostile towards him when you woke up. He did nothing to you.

If you get so damn bothered by people coming to Green Mountain, why did you decide to set up your base in one of the hottest spots in the country? Go take your people into the woods somewhere where nobody can ever bother you. It seems you don't want to talk to people.

Jeremiah, Sam & Boris. I know all three of you. I thought we're good? How come my people are being treated like shit by your group?
My group isn't into fighting. We'd much rather stay alive you know, we don't attack other groups but if a group decides to be hostile towards us, we will stand our ground.

I expect an answer on here to sort this out. As I said, I might be willing to let it slide if your behavior towards my grouo changes.
If you don't respond here, I'll personally come up to green mountain today.

*The radio fades into permanent static*


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*Jeremiah turns on the radio*

We’ve been under attack constantly, it’s hard to determine who wants to attack us and who doesn’t. We apologize for miss communication.

*Jeremiah turns off his radio, leaving it plain and simple and saying very little*

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