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Alpha Company 3-34 [Always Recruiting]

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Alpha Company 3-34 Introduction

Alpha Company 3-34 was established due to the devastation of numerous global terrorist attacks. Alpha Company was tasked with one central mission, the maintenance of international peace and security. This is achieved by working to prevent conflict; helping parties in conflict make peace; peacekeeping; and creating the conditions to allow peace to hold and flourish. These activities often overlap and reinforce one another, proving highly effective over the years.

Alpha Company Story

On July 17th Alpha Company 3-34 was dispatched to Chernogorsk with other US Army troops. Alpha Company’s mission was to reinforce CDF troops in the area and later reinforce US Marines that had been deployed to the Elektrozavodsk area. 


"Alpha Company Commanding Officers after arriving in Chernarus."

As the outbreak worsened defense lines began to fall, Alpha Company and other US forces retreated from Chernogorsk as an overwhelming number of infected attacked the city. Joint military bombings spread the infected westwards into the North Miroslavl province, causing Alpha Company to be cut off from other US forces. Alpha Company suffered heavy losses during the chaos and ended up in the small town of Staroye, as other US troops received pull back orders from South Zagoria to Utes Island.


"Mixture of US and CDF forces, falling back after suffering massive losses."

On the 25th an Alpha Company patrol was struck with fear, after observing what seemed to be an underwater nuclear detonation off the coast of Chernarus. Shortly afterwards the patrol returned to Staroye and reported the observation, only to later observe US Air Forces fighting Russian Air Forces. This was followed by three very large explosions, in the directions of known Russian ground forces’ locations. Alpha Company immediately pulled out of Staroye and began fortifications on the abandoned CDF military camp North of town. Expecting direct hostile contact from Russian forces, the remaining troops prepared to fire on Russian soldiers if engaged but hoped to continue the cooperative fight against the outbreak instead.


"Alpha Company soldier scanning for threats."

The remaining few survivors of Alpha Company 3-34 remain vigilant to this day. They continue to fight the viral outbreak, aid survivors however they can, and help train whoever is capable of joining the fight. 


"The last remaining Alpha Company soldiers."


Alpha Company Soldiers


John David Heinrich -  @J1988Dizzle

(First Lieutenant) 

Andrew Riddle - @RidTheKid

(Second Lieutenant)

Kevin Teran - @hypothermia90811

(First Sergeant) 

Cletus Ramon -  @Paganous

(Master Sergeant)


(Sergeant First Class)

Austin Merkelo - @Austin Merkelo

(Staff Sergeant)

Desmond Ryan - @Harkness







(Private First Class)

Mark Stockton - @Matt Chillas

Brayden Greene - @Caboose94

Kevin Lu - @Okhchen Satori


Tyler Wyatt - @DerSoldat19

Dominik Thomson - @Dominik Thomson




Secure and completely fortify a Forward Operations Base (FOB). - 5 Months

Provide medical assistance, food, water, and security to all survivors in need. - Ongoing

Eliminate all encountered infected. - Ongoing

Locate surviving US or other military personnel throughout Chernarus, provide needed aid and establish alliances. - Ongoing

Establish a survivor collection post. - 1 Year

Establish consistent patrols throughout Chernarus. - 6 Months

Establish a guarded military checkpoint. - 2 Years

Locate bandits, raiders,  and other human threats. Negotiate peace or eliminate accordingly - Ongoing 

Build a large food and medical supply, open to all Chernarus survivors. - 2 Months 

Build electricity providing capabilities. - 3 Months

Alliances & Enemies

Friendly - Towards all friendly, non-hostile, Chernarus survivors. 

Hostile - Towards all hostile Chernarus survivors.

Alliances - The Provisional Army of Chernarus, the Sons of Silence, the Old Timers, the Dredgens, Fallpoint, The Beacon, the Prison Council, the SRD, Potuis Cras, Galápagos, The Haven, The Revenants, the Sentinels, 𝐊𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐒𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐨𝐳𝐡, and other unnamed Allied Forces are all Allies.


1. All Alpha Company soldiers are required to wear US military tactical shirts (With US Flag Patch) and cargo or BDU pants, at all times. Gear load-outs are soldier's choice. This is for easy soldier identification purposes.

2. At no time will Alpha Company soldiers harm non-hostile survivors, doing so will result in detention or execution.

3. Alpha Company soldiers will carry primary weapons at the ready, at all times. Unless ordered otherwise by Alpha Company Officers or NCOs.

4. Alpha Company Officers and NCOs are solely responsible for the safety and well being of their men and the remaining civilian population of Chernarus. Failure to protect fellow Alpha Company soldiers and the civilian population will result in detention, demotion, and or execution.

5. Alpha Company soldiers are not permitted to harm fellow soldiers at any time, doing so will result in immediate execution.

(Exceptions of mutIny or insubordination will be applied by Alpha Company Commanding Officers)


"Stay Safe, Remain Vigilant."


Enlistment applications for Alpha Company 3-34 can be submitted to @J1988Dizzle or @RidTheKid.

Please include your character name, steam profile, discord profile, and previous group affiliations with your request.

Enlistment request will be processed within 24-48 hours.



Your online gaming information will be obtained and a background check will be conducted, via public records. Should bans or other online gaming violations be identified, your enlistment process will be terminated or you will be questioned regarding obtained information.














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Roster Update

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Good luck lads.

Question why don’t you do recruitment via PMs on the website? Seem a little extra doing via private emails?

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Good luck lads, could use a few more military remnants as far as I know. 

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Seems you actually read the lore this time unlike last time but you need to wait 7 days after leaving a group to make a new one. As I noticed you were in UN.

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Posted (edited)

Yes @Greener161, I appreciated the advice you provided during our last attempt. It did not fall on deaf ears. I do fully understand the seven day period, I am trusting that the staff and others will appreciate what Alpha Company is aiming to do and allow us to proceed. We will happily wait the required seven days before being permitted to move forward, as a (official)  group on DayZRP. We are very patent and Alpha Company has been around for a very long time, we can wait a few additional days to be granted (official) status on DayZRP.

Thank you @Blackburn, much appreciated.


Edited by J1988Dizzle

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Good luck.

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Looking good here Comrades. Good Luck Out There 

tom hardy alfie solomons GIF by BBC

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Solid backstory, be nice to have some US militants this time around. Only nitpick for me is the thread, I love eye candy and helps attract people to enlist, just me though! 

Good luck!

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Congrats on the approval guys!


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Congrats on the approval, good luck!

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Had a great interaction with these guys the other day, nice to see you approved 🙂 

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