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Jonathan 'Smithy' Knight's story..

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Name: Jonathan 'Smithy' Knight

Age: 22

Nationality : English / British

Born: 17th April 1991, Manor Park, East London

Jonathan loved growing up in East London around a fairly big family filled with 3 brothers, 1 sister, a dog and 8 cousins. Growing up Jonathan was an outgoing and friendly kid until anyone said anything bad about him or his friends and family. As an example of this, in primary school in year 3 someone had spat at his best friend Ali and so he got him in a headlock and kneed him in the chest whilst Ali also gave him a few kicks..

Jon often found himself wondering the streets with 2 cousins named Steven and Jay and if they wasn't wandering around the streets they were indoors playing the PlayStation and Xbox. At the age of 10 they felt like kings walking around the streets as if anyone tried to cause trouble Jonathan's brothers would sort them out!

One winter morning jay was walking to the shops when an egg came flying his way but luckily missed! Jay looked up and recognized the teenager as he was a few years older and grew up down the road next to where Jay lived. Jay left the teenager that tried to mug him off with the egg and the teenager never thought anything of it until a bit later on..

When Jay got home he rang Jonathan and Steven to fill them in with what happened and so they made a plan.. They got Jay to wait at the end of the Teenagers road until he showed his face.. The teenager walked past Jay with a smirk and Jay just winked at him and before he knew it Jonathan came running from behind a car and punched him in the back of the head which made the teenager go down like a sack of shit! Jay and Steven then covered him in eggs to remind him why he found himself laying there with birds whistling around his head!

When Jonathan was 11 he moved to a small island in Essex which was the complete opposite to where he had come from! He joined secondary school late but fitted right in as everyone loved the fact he was an Eastender! When it come round to GCSE's Jonathan decided not to worry and never decided to do any course work at all so he could literally spell his name out of his grades!

After Jonathan had finished his school he went on to study IT at college and shortly after finishing he found himself working within the IT industry with dreams of starting his own security firm as he had family in 'The Force' but wanted to take it that one step further!

when Jonathan was 22 he decided to leave Essex and traveled to Chernogorsk to for-fill his Security firm dreams. At first Jonathan decided to get a firearm and started spreading the word that he's in the security game at local pubs and clubs and started to pass out his business card with just a name and number. After a couple of weeks he got a call from a man called Mr Groves who asked Jonathan if he wanted to go for a drink to discuss some bits and so Jonathan agreed.

After speaking for a while it turned out that Mr Groves wanted in on the security firm and told Jonathan he could fund it all and get a few men in to help. A couple of months passed and Mr Groves and Jonathan ended up running everything in Cherno, they had the bouncers on the doors of local clubs and even had the contract for the security at Balota airfield, everyone knew they were the business to leave alone and they we're not to be fucked with.

October 22nd 2013

Jonathan gets a call from Mr Groves who had a worrying sound to his voice which then worried Jonathan as Mr Groves would take anything in his stride without any fucking about. Groves told Jon to meet him at the office and to make it quick with a few shooters. As Jonathan left home and got in his car he realized the city had gone a bit mad and thought there had been a riot.. As he was looking around there were cars on their sides, blood on the floor and general junk blocking the roads.. 'What the fuck's happened out here?!' Jonathan thought with a drip of sweat running down the side of his face..

after 10 minutes in the car Jonathan can see someone in the distance and so he drives up to them slowly and leans out the window,

'Fancy telling me what the fucks gone on out here?' Jonathan shouted to the man.

'Yeah, no worries, first can you quickly help us with a bandage, my legs cut to pieces!'

'You got any bandages on you?' Jonathan asked

'Yeah, they're in the bag on my back, hurry up though, this is killing me!' The man said.

Jonathan gets out the car and as he shuts the car door the man pulls for his gun and puts it to Jonathan's head and shouts 'EMPTY YOUR FUCKING POCKETS AND CHUCK ME OVER THE KEYS!'

Jonathan: 'Come on mate I don't want no trouble! I got out to help you out!'

The man: 'How about you shut your cake hole before I put a bullet in your head?'

Jonathan then grabs the mans wrist and snaps it like a kit kat, pulls a knife out of his back pocket and sticks it in the mans leg. 'Your leg really is fucked now mate!' Jonathan says with a grin on his face.

The man cry's out in pain telling Jonathan how sorry he is.

Jonathan gets in the car and shouts out the window 'Stop crying you soppy tart!' and then drove off.

Jonathan finally gets to the office to find Mr Groves leaning over a body which is slumped against the wall covered in blood.

'What's happened Groves? Who the fuck is that?!'

Mr Groves turns his head with flesh hanging out his mouth, looks at Jonathan and screeches like an animal! Mr Groves then gets up and starts walking towards Jonathan with his arms out like he wants to grab Jonathan.

Without any hesitation Jonathan pulls for a gun in the top draw and tells Mr Groves to back off before he does something he doesn't want to..

Mr Groves doesn't stop and so Jonathan had to pull the trigger, he shot him in the chest with the pistol which knocked Mr Groves back but did not stop him.

'What the fuck are you?!' Jonathan shouts with a worried look on his face but he gets no response from Mr Groves apart from screeches..

Jonathan ran to the car and sped off down to Balota to try to make sense out of the situation..

As Jonathan was speeding off, a military jeep was coming the opposite way. The Jeep hit a pot hole, span out and smashed into the side of Jonathan's car which then slid off into river.. There seemed to be no response from either party that was involved in the crash..

A minute later Jonathan finally wakes up and manages to get himself out of the car. In a struggle Jonathan makes it to the sand, crawls out of the water and then just rolls onto his back.. Before Jonathan knew it he was out cold again..

October 23rd 2013..

Jonathan wakes up and all he can hear are screeches in the distance..

'What the fuck has happened?' Jonathan whispers to himself...


This is to get whitelisted.. Let me know what you think!


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Thanks MrLyrated, hope to see you soon!

As Jonathan got up from his knees he could see some sort of lights behind some heavy smoke and so went to investigate cautiously.. As Jonathan got closer he realised it was the Army Jeep that smashed into him which sent his car to the water. As Jonathan got closer he went to pull for his knife but then realised he had no weapons on him, they must have come loose in the car crash.

Jonathan snuck up to the front door but failed to open it as it was screwed from the crash and so went on to open the back door which was okay. Jonathan then leant over to the front to check the pulses of the driver and passenger, realised they were dead and so took the passengers pistol, canteen and then set off to try to find someone who could explain what has happened..

‘What the fuck’s going on around here? What was Groves doing chewing on that man like a dog? How did he just ignore the shot to the chest?’ Jonathan whispered to himself as he was making his way up the coast.

20 minutes or so went by and then Jonathan could finally start to see the control tower at Balota where he thought would be safe with his staff and the army. Jonathan made his way through the trees until he was level with the control tower and sat to observe his surroundings..

Suddenly in the distance Jonathan heard a few gunshots and could see some flashes which seemed to be coming from just to the side of the control tower.. Suddenly the headlights lit up from some sort of vehicle that must have belonged to the man who let off a few shots.. Jonathan begins to make his way over to the vehicle to help the man that seemed to be in trouble, just as Jonathan gets in the drivers view, someone lays their hand on his shoulder, Jonathan turns around to be greeted by a face doesn’t seem to have much flesh nor teeth, the look on Jonathan’s face is full of panic..




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Pretty good story, just one question. How does one mug someone with an egg?

Not sure if you want advice or anything, so for now, I will be watching.

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Sorry, 'Mug him off' is a London saying I suppose.. It means 'Show him up'.

Thanks for your response, I appreciate you reading the story!

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