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Evacuation Notice to The People of Novaya

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Mouse would seem frustrated. She takes her radio and talks down it, her irish accent would be thick...

"Hello, this is Mouse.

This is on behalf of the safety of the citizens and visitors of Novaya. 
As an order from Kamenci, everyone is ordered to leave the area or face the consequences. 
This is up to you on what you wish to do, but I do not want to see anyone getting hurt.

Stay safe everyone."

The radio abruptly cuts off with Mouse leaning against the wall. Staring at the ceiling before inhaling heavily.

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Victor takes his radio and presses the PTT

"Its about time we take back our cities"

"Slava Chernarus"

Releases the PTT

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*Alexei hears the broadcast and holds down the PTT to respond*

"Privet, or should I say Ahoj considering it seems like we'll all be speaking Chernarussian soon. When PAMYATI formed, we were sworn to protect not only ourselves, but our fellow foreigners from these threats such as Kamenici, and at our humble beginning Cerna-Liska. We fought hard and well so that you people did not. We laid waste to Cerna-Liska and fought alongside our fellow foreigner to hold the Kamenici at bay. But then the day came a traitor to the cause and a nationalist sympathizer makes outrages claims of our militia's allegiance and ties. Despite our previous reputation as good men, as protectors, and as friends, The inhabitants of South Zagoria bought into the traitor's lies. We were outcasted by the people we spilled blood to protect, we were forced to shoot at the people that once fought at our side. Now that we no longer show our faces in force and the Saviors all but abandon their cause of protecting the people of South Zagoria because of the death of a single man, The nationalists come back in force and have you all on your knees. We tried to help, we tried to open your eyes to the true enemy, but all it took was an outrageous claim over the radio to bring our own friends against us. We warned you all this would happen, but you all chose to ignore it. Denying it in your minds, thinking just because you rarely see the nationalists, there is no way they could be a real threat, well your welcome for that. We kept them away, we kept you all alive. Now you shall see what wrath your actions of neglect and ignorance will cause. Do not come begging for our help again, you will not be getting any...dělení"

*Alexei looks to a worn black armband, reminiscing on the friends he'd lost fighting the nationalists, he'd let out a sigh and release the PTT*

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“Pamyati... The truth is that’s what happens to anyone and any groups trying to do actual good. People start nothing but lies and slander. Thats why people hate the UN. I would know, I watched it happen. Thats why a lot of good people are hated.

Because they are a threat to the people who want to keep terror and what they think is power. 

The question is... are you just going to give up and slink away to the shadows... or are you going to keep fighting for the people out there who are worth what you sought to protect anyways?

Words are one thing. Actions are another, and actions prove truth over words.”

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