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Guest Jacobski

My back story for my white list application (can you give me your opinions)

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Guest Jacobski

This is my characters back story hope you enjoy

It was a cold night on the battleship. I was in the briefing room ready to be briefed about what my mission was, who was my contact in Chernarus, what gear I would need, how long the mission would take and when I had to at the evac zone for pickup. My mission was to assassinate a corrupt Russian military general that had been seen in chernarus a couple of days go by some local town folk. The operation would take 2 days and I would be picked up by black hawk at devils castle which is near the north border of Chernarus. I had to see if he was still around and if he was I would need to kill him and get out without being noticed by his men. For the mission I was given a DMR with 3 magazines. 4 water bottles, some canned food, a hunting knife, watch, map, matches, and a hatchet. I had a coyote backpack which had a swag on it so I could sleep at night.

So the briefing ended and I head to the dining room where I join my fellow comrades to eat tea and enjoy my last good meal for the next 2 days. As we talked, laughed and joke about the future and what we would do after we finished serving mighty Russia. Most of them had family and loved ones to go home to but I didn’t because they all died in a fatal car accident that happen 2 years back. I never tell anyone about this because every time I talk about that fatal day I start to cry and when your around other Russian Spetsnaz you need to look tough so I never tell anyone about that fatal day were I lost my loved ones. I am known on the battleship as dead shot because I am the best sniper on the battleship and people say that my targets are dead before they hear the shot.

The next day comes faster then I imagined. I grabbed the gear I needed from the armoury, and the food and drink shop that was on the ship and headed to the flight deck were I was to meet my pilot that would fly me there and fly me back. As I approached the black hawk I saw a familiar face. It was my best mate Jimmy who I haven’t seen in six months. “Sup Jacobski, How have you been?” Said Jimmy with a grin on his face

“I have been good, how’s the Mrs going” I answered

“She’s good. So are you ready to get going then” Jimmy ask as if he was roaring to get going so he could be back for lunch.

“I’m always ready” I replied.

“Let’s get going then” Jimmy said.

The shore came into sight as we approach flying so low that I could touch the sea with my hands. It was a magnificent experience. We hit the shore and out of nowhere an RPG hit the tail rudder of the chopper. “Hold on. We’re going down” yelled Jimmy. Then it all went dark. I woke up to find one of the pilots dead but Jimmy couldn't be seen anywhere. Where’s Jimmy .I thought to myself. He must be around here somewhere. I said to myself. So I got up and started to walk around. I found a town which a decided to look for medical gear because I suffered some serious wounds and need some morphine fort the pain I was in. When I got there I found some morphine and some bandages along with some blood bags which I took so someone that has medicals could give to me if I found anyone. The townsfolk looked weird. There flesh was rotten and they looked like they were dead but they are still walking around. I came to the conclusion that they were zombies or had some sort of infection so I kept my distance from them. I found a revolver under a shop keeper’s desk. It had 1 mag in it. I pick it up check if it was working and headed off. It wasn't long before I heard a plane and when I look up I saw that it was going down. I decided that I would go see if there were any survivors because I need someone to help me find Jimmy. I sat on a hill near the crash site and look down with some binoculars that I pick up from some store in the city I visited and saw a kid that look 18 running from some zombies. I ran so fast down the hill to save this kid because he deserves to live because he probably has love ones and family that will hear about the plane crash and wonder if he is OK. He deserves to see them again. I don’t care if I die because then I can be with my loved ones forever. I get down there and start to fire my revolver at the zombies. He starts to run away from me and I chase because he going to need me to help him survive

That was my characters back story i hope you guys like it and can you give me your opinions on it and if i should add some more to it.

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