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The Nightclub People [Open Frequency]

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*Laughter and banter from the boys could be heard at the campfire outside. Meanwhile, Ling is hard at work in the back room. Blood smeared on his apron, he is busy skinning and quartering a dog he had recently captured and killed with his butchers knife. He picks up the radio from the table, pressing down the PTT as he spoke into it, a very heavy Chinese accent could be heard.* 

Mudufuk-” *static as he fumbles around with the device* “Herro? Dis ting woking? I want to reach out to de rady I talk to a few day ago. De peepo setting up Nightcrub. Luca was wahmen I sigh contrak wit. Prease contak me asap to arrange meeting time to discuss de setup of Chickun Shop nek to your business. I berieve dis can be good ting for both of us in rong run.”

*He would release the PTT*

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