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Server Wipes: When Is It?

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Heya everyone! 

Hope you're all well and enjoying your time in Chernarus! I have a question. I'm just curious as to when the next server wipe will be taking place? Is it a once a month type of thing?

Side query, do things like this get announced or do they just happen? 

Thanks for you time! ❤️ 

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/moved to questions

There will be an update soon to launch the new mod pack that the developers have been working on. I'll try and find the link for you, but keep an eye on the discord channels "Sneak peak" & "Announcements" that's usually where stuff like this will show up!

If you mean persistant wipes, we don't usually plan them unless there is a need to, so it's unpredictable.

Edit: Here is the thread for all the new content arriving soonTM


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You're welcome. I included a helpful link in my first post.
Also, just some more information, sometimes if a lot of server crashes happen in a row, the server may roll back and wipe all present buildings and stashes so I wouldn't trust base building all too much quite yet, as you'll never be able to tell when this may happen. 

But on that note, we haven't had a full character persistence wipe in a long while.

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I'm okay with there not being a character wipe yet tbh! haha. No, this query wasn't because of base building, it's because I need a new assault rifle and none are spawning currently because of stashes lol. It's not a serious thing, I was just curious is all! I managed to get robbed twice in 20 minutes by two different groups lol. Sad times! 😂😂

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