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Lore and events.

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I know we had a rough start with the events as a lot of flaws and issues arose during the first one but I have to ask why with the tools you have, have no major lore events or huge scale events happened if its in the works ignore this questions, but I felt like I just had to ask as the reason most events during my time in staff where not done was due to lack of tools and interest now we have the tools but is the interest there?
If you have no intel on the mater placing an answer that holds no answer will not help.


Edit: I'm speaking of large scale event's that affect people and give the player something to add to there story ark, people pretty much bailad on the lore event's as I've been told so that ain't happening unless the key player's to them work with Major. Even so staff should be the frontline for huge scale event's but you just aren't no one cares about a crate down in cherno filled with nails wolf's or a horde around x location use your team get interactions. Like a bandit camp being fought over, a hub that acts as a frontier, supply drops dropped by the Russians from the sky, a large scale assault by the Russians or other military forces, walled off compounds by the staff team that people can kill to gain there gear with kos rules from both sides. Endless possibilities but it seems to be wasted due to lack of interest.

I've seen 1 event where the team came together and that was a huge time waster, then never again.

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A large scale Lore event has been in the works and even has been put into motions. @Major is on break at the moment, but I'm sure he will continue where he left on on returning. 

My own 'micro' events are also part of a connecting story that will continue to unfold as they continue. Most people see the loot, but there is a story there, people just haven't really been looking into it... yet (I imagine posting this people will now start wondering what they've missed).

So yeah, events are happening, and will continue to happen. Hope you will enjoy what we have in store.

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@Eagle I offered you an answer and you don't seem satisfied. As I've said major has been working on a very large event series. 

As for a couple of things they've been done as well. That trade compound you mentioned?  Spent almost 4 hours personally building it. Now it sits abandoned.

We cannot make the players do things, and even with tools we're limited in what we can offer.

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