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In need of assistance

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*You hear a calm french accent*


" Test! Test! If anyone copy, I am in need of assistance as quick as possible at the military compound close of Vybor. I will await a gentleman"


*The communication stops suddenly*

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* The same voice comes again, this time with a bit more urgency in its tone*

" Test! My situation has gotten worse. If a good soul is out there, I still need some help at this  militarycompound close of Vybor."

*He pauses*

"You will be awarded of one my special tools"

*He closes the radio and goes back to shouting*

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*The same voice goes through the radio*

"The first gentleman wasn't good enough sadly. I am still in dire need"

*The radio shuts quickly*

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*A French-Canadian Voice comes up*
"To the French guy asking for help earlier, do you still need assistance? Me and a buddy are here looking for you right now"
*THe radio goes back silent*

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*The radio lights up*

"Hello gentleman, another man has kindly helped me. I appreciate the offer nonetheless"

*The radio shuts down*

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