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Another one for the Saviors

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*The sound of the fire cracking can be heard as the transmission starts*

"Another one for the Saviors"

*He would take a moment before continuing the transmission*

"We ran into a few of your supply runners today after being in your shit hole of a town."

"Let's just say.. they won't be back anytime soon"

*A man can be heard in the background*

"Yeah, we ruffed em up real good!"

"We're going to keep messing with your supply runners and civilians until you sort your shit out."

"One day we might be lucky enough to run into one of your own, I might pull the trigger myself when that day comes."

*He ends the transmission*


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Guest RyanOG


If you run into one of our own. You won't make it past 'put your hands - '

Trust me.

We haven't being doing wrong, if you wanna keep coming at us here, do it in person? Give us something to do wrong with. Some of us are eager.


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