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Server time: 2019-05-20, 07:18
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Airfield 23-2-2019 22:40 - Invalid Kill - on sight

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Server and location: unknown

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): unknown

Your in game name: Harlock Blake

Names of allies involved: none

Name of suspect/s: Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none

Detailed description of the events: 

Recently i was near the big airport and i was just looting a building when i heard someone say hello, i hid myself in a corner when the dude came up and i pointed my gun at him. He kept on saying if i was robbing him which i replied with 'Not robbing you, just passing through'. While i was saying this i kept asking where his friend was, since i heard shots coming from outside. Then he lowered his hands to which i replied with 'Keep 'em up' and then i got shot in the head. Dead.

Sorry for bad english.

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Hit Logs

{"Time":"2019-02-23 21:40:04","Type":"HIT","Victim":{"Name":"Harlock Blake","":""},"Attacker":{"Name":"Jiri Svobodov","":""},"Damage":{"Global":17,"Health":17,"Blood":0,"Shock":51.48},"Weapon":"Bullet_762x39","Target":"Head"}
{"Time":"2019-02-23 21:40:05","Type":"HIT","Victim":{"Name":"Harlock Blake","":""},"Attacker":{"Name":"Jiri Svobodov","":""},"Damage":{"Global":17,"Health":17,"Blood":0,"Shock":51.48},"Weapon":"Bullet_762x39","Target":"Head"}

Kill Logs

{"Time":"2019-02-23 21:40:05","Type":"KILL","Victim":{"Name":"Harlock Blake","":""},"Attacker":{"Name":"Jiri Svobodov","":""}}

Connection Logs

21:23:52 : Player Jiri Svobodov connected
22:15:17 : Player Jiri Svobodov disconnected
22:15:31 : Player Jiri Svobodov connected
-Server Crash- 22:17
22:41:21 : Player Jiri Svobodov connected
-Still Connected-

20:51:44 : Player Harlock Blake connected


Calling in:

@Yelpster - Harlock Blake | POSTED

@OxeN - Jiri Svobodov | POSTED

@Cuchulainn - Brian Sweeney | POSTED

For their full PoV and any evidence that they may have of this situation. Also could you list all of your allies involved in this situation.

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POV: Was running with my boys when @Cuchulainn gets initiated on by @Yelpster he points his gun at my friend and says keep your hands up so i shoot him in the head twice which ends his life.

I suggest in the future that you don't aim your gun at someone since that is a threat to his life and an initiation, especially when he lowers his hands and you tell him to keep them up while aiming at him.

here is the rule i suggest you read over https://gyazo.com/9610abb436e71498bd9a82051618147a aswell as this one https://gyazo.com/3e90547f65f7ce15880cb4b80c8a4a7a

I unfortunately have no evidence.

Edited by OxeN

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Calling in @Cuchulainn for their full detailed PoV and any evidence that they may have of this situation.

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POV: We were at NWAF and I was looting some building in which this man was inside of. I went into the room on the second floor and he was in the corner aiming his gun at me so I put my hands up. I asked him whats going on and if he was gonna rob me to which he says no. Since he said no I put my hands down and he then says "Keep them up" whilst pointing a gun at me so @OxeN shoots him. He threatened my life by aiming his gun at my head and telling me to keep my hands up.

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@OxeN | Not Guilty



To shortly summarize the situation @Yelpster was at the airfield where he ran into @Cuchulainn. When he meant him he pointed his weapon at him, turning things into a hostile situation. @Cuchulainn had his hands up during while @Yelpster had his weapon raised. @Cuchulainn lowered his hands once @Yelpster said he isn't robbing him. Right after this @Yelpster told him to keep his hands up, while still aiming his gun. This is when @OxeN who is in @Cuchulainn dynamic ran in and killed @Yelpster while he was still aiming at @Cuchulainn.


The rulebreak that is in question here is Invalid Kill. This is a valid kill because of rule 4.2 where it talks about defender rights. Since @OxeN and @Cuchulainn have recently role played and were playing together they are considered a dynamic group. This allows them to defend themselves and each other because they gained defender rights. Defender rights are shared with anyone who you recently role played with. So since they did not cause or provoke the hostile situation they both got defender rights from @Yelpster raising his gun and telling @Cuchulainn to keep his hands up after he tries to lower then when he finds out he isn't being robbed. Meaning that @OxeN was able to defend @Cuchulainn, making the kill on you valid.


The reasoning behind this outcome is because of the rule here:

  • 4.2 When your life is at risk or you are subjected to a hostile action by other players you are allowed to defend yourself. This is granted by two different "kill rights" that you can gain based on circumstances of the situation like which side caused the hostile situation and which side you are on.
    • If you are a defender - the one being initiated on or subjected to other hostile actions that threaten your life which you did not start or provoke - you are allowed to defend yourself by gaining  DEFENDER RIGHTS on the attackers. Defender rights allow you to kill attackers for 2 hours or until your character dies. Defender rights can be shared with anyone who you recently role played with as well as all your group members, if you are a part of an approved group.

I would like to make a suggestion before I close out. In situations like this please make your demands as clear as you can. Just pointing your weapon and then saying you aren't robbing him is sending mixed messages, but then as he lowers his hands you yell you put them back up. This will help with future situations because your demands will be clear and no one will be confused with what was going on. 



@OxeN - Invalid Kill | Not Guilty


Signed by: @RandyRP, @lukaszxe, & @Phoenix 

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