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Where you can find automatic rifles [OpenFreq]

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*Ryan presses the PTT*

In my absence - I put Javier in place and I realise that may have been the wrong idea. But it will stay so for maybe a week or 2 more while I deal with some business up north.

I have kept a close eye watching the hoarders. Us Saviors have nothing but wooden rifles. I can assure. We have no spare automatics.

A thought crossed my mind. A few ex Saviors. Who call themselves Denigrata. Used to be our bitches and slave and bring us all sorts. Maybe hunt them and you'll find stockpiles. Based on the past - this seems to be a likely bet. They seem to be high and mighty, trying to cause shit. I want you to know - taking one hostage makes them spill. They are sneaky, and very very sly. They no doubt are the hoarders of South Zagoria and you should be hunting them down

*takes tokes on a doob*

As I said. Assumptions based on the past. Instead of pointing blame on the lack of military equipment. Let's find who is doing this, put shit aside and get rid of rats, who think they are above all.

Denigrata. Me and Javier will come for you. Know we don't fuck about with faggots. We will find where you are at, and I know enough to pinpoint the location. Thanks to a few specific people. 

Take this warning and give to the poor. Or face the result of being so selfish.


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*Cormac presses the PTT*

I will keep my eye out for Denigrata, I may go out with a party and try and find them.

I would love some of their loot. I am willing to head off with you and Javier to find them.


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