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"Big Brother. This is Little Brother..." Open frequency

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Caelo rubbed his temples as he sat on the floor of the building, staring at his radio before swallowing.

"Hey, uh Mace... It's Caelo... Not sure you'll hear this... But I'm er... back again..."

He chuckled as he leaned forward a bit

"Don't get mad. But I was shot... again... a few times. I'm fine though! Although er..."

"Those prosthetic fingers you made, they're kinda... getting stuck. I tried my best to maintain them, but yeah, diving into the dirt and mud, and rocks... Kinda fucked them up..."

He rubbed the back of his neck

"I just wanted to make sure you were still around... Found some new friends... And been having a rough time of it..."

He releases the PTT, sitting back against the wall as he smiled weakly.

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