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KOS no time to comply

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Server and location:  Novy Sobor

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  02:27

Your in game name: Chad Right

Names of allies involved: @Symplekti

Name of suspect/s: Unknown 

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  Dont have Shadow Play unfortunately 

Detailed description of the events: We were driving past Novy and saw a couple of guys that had a road block type structure so we turned around and headed back to see whats up we then realized that they were armed so we pulled over in the field near Novy and they ran up to us. they started talking and accusing us of things and asking us questions. About 5-10 minutes of talking transpired and then  what I'm assuming leader said "Goodbye gentle" or something around those lines and walked away i then start walking away going towards a little pond near where this is happening and got shot.

So my  concern here isn't that he didn't initiate even though i didn't see or hear anything but if he initiated i was given no time to even comply. i would say i got shot about two seconds after the leader said goodbye and i was not being hostile in any manor at all gun was lowered and was jogging too the pond and got shot. I would like to know what happened and see if we can find a resolution of sorts.

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Hello RonaldDonaldson I was the guy that killed you 

Your group a couple weeks back robbed one of my guys who was apart of French Foreign Legion, we've not been able to find you boys ingame and if we have we haven't known it was you guys. Anyway we find out it was your group and I don't like the actions you've been doing for example extorting neutral and friendly groups for ammo and other supplies to keep their homes and bases from being put out there in the open. When we first interacted it was pitch black so initiating would be suicide so we wait for backup and sunrise, once it was time we got in positions all around you and waited for @Kai to get some distance so he wasn't sprayed down. You and your friend was standing still next to each other when myself and my allies text initiate  making sure if you guys didn't comply we all had KOS rights. You and your friend was standing next to each other when we dropped the initiations you started jogging towards the pond or running so I shot you for non compliance. 

also the location was Kab pond and my allies were @Lego @Kaizer @Kai and @firelordjared even though he came after you had been killed. 

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Talked too @Kai and we figured it all out im thinking dayz VOIP screwed up for me because i didn't hear or see anything.

This report can be closed. 

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The staff team is glad that both parties were able to talk this out and come to an understanding. We have decided to agree with the wishes of the op and close the report. Just a reminder for future situations that it is the initiators job to make sure that the initiation is heard by all parties and that ample time to comply is given. If possible, it is best to also drop a voice initiation in the case of text bugging out or not coming through.

Closed by: @RandyRP, @Banshee, & @lukaszxe

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