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Broadcast near Novaya Petrovka [Open Freq]

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*Tom thumbs his PTT and speaks in his usual American accent*

"Nails?  You out there Nails?  I got you the agreed on hacksaw, but you weren't in town.  I can leave it with your friends Jenny and Jacob or at your campsite if you like, but I need to know which."

*He pauses and then thumbs the PTT again*

"Irish brotherhood fellows looking for pouches, as promised, I have more if you have they payment; I looked for you where we met last time and could not find you, please let me know when you'll be around to make the deal."

"O'Brien; no luck on the M4's; two bases and a few checkpoints searched; no luck, I'm afraid you'll need to trade with one of the large groups to find such."

"If anyone hearing this is looking for Tetracycline for the recent outbreak in the area, I have several packages, find me and I am happy to assist; just ask for Tom O'fee."

*Tom releases the PTT; the die is cast, now to see how it lands*

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*Cormac presses the PTT*

"I may know a person in need of that Tetracyline. I will get back to you as soon as i know if the medication is still needed"

*Cormac lifts his thumb off the PTT*

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