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2 questions because I'm confused

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Hey staff hope yall good and such.

1. Want to get straight to the point here Rolle states that Terrorist groups are not allowed because " we already have plenty of the"extreme" RP around, we certainly don't want add even more to it" but how is Erotic roleplay where people have apparently been having sex in game and people getting raped (also being roleplayed ingame) allowed but terrorist groups and others aren't. Shouldn't both be against the rules if anything?

2. Now over the years here I've met people who have played rapist and other vile characters but it was never brought ingame it was just an Out of character agreement done via a message or chat and the same is also said about ERP it was banned and anyone who did it got punishment for it. So why has those two things been allowed to be roleplayed out on the server when there is literally kids running around due to there being NO age restriction anymore. Like I'm all for realism and not limiting players but surely there has to be a line?



Right but... Why has ERP and Rape been allowed to be RP'd out when it never used to be? what made this change I'm curious because even with OOC permission should not be roleplayed out but as you said a *Fade in, Fade out" or even nothing at all but an ooc agreement that it was done. @Mademoiselle

Reply You're literally not answering my question, I know it's always been a thing and I stated it was always done in private but WHY is it allowed to be DONE in game now days without any punishment.. 

"we recommend if this is done not to do it in the server due to the severity of the subject." if this is the case why is there not rules against it? @Mademoiselle 


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ERP is recommended to be done on steam since we have different ages on the server. 

Rape RP is the same as above. Or if you don’t wanna do that but ask OOC that question of doing to someone elses, you could also write *Fade in, fade out.* 

If someone who has been put through this without permission. They are entitled to make a report.

There is a point where groups like IRA or even ISIS are denied simply because of all the real life conflict and because of what admins see fit. If there is a rulebreak or they say they are not comfortable with the RP, people are more than welcome to report the situation.

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ERP has always been a thing just been taken to steam / teamspeak / discord in private messages. 

I remember a member RP’d a rapist, was granted OOC permission by the individual and either took it to steam / Discord etc.

However we recommend if this is done not to do it in the server due to the severity of the subject. Hence why we recommend an age for viewers discretion of what they hear in RP.

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Groups are approved on admin discretion, we can deny and archive groups for any reason for example balancing (of there already are too many hostile groups), lore, originality, potential, or even if we like the idea or not. 

1. I didn't outright ban all terrorist groups all of a sudden. Just gave example why a group like IZIZ, NRB, Al-Keida, Poko Haran etc would be denied. Groups affect the entire server and are a focus area of the game play and community, 2 players having ERP session in the woods is none of my concern.

2. Because those things require permission of people involved and therefore it didn't feel necessary to outright completely ban it if some people are OK with it. 

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