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To the supply runners of Chernarus

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*Jordan pokes the fire, trying to keep it lit as the fog creeps in.*

*He starts the transmission*

"This goes out to the supply runners of Chernarus. Do you people ever think about the people who are suffering and in need of your goods? 

"Funding the selfish and greedy is only going to make things worse. That guy got what was coming to him for helping the Saviors, if you're listening to this I hope you delivered our little message."

"You supply runners better watch out on the roads now. If we see you funding the groups that prey on the weak and just take and take, it's not going to end well for you."

"Now be a good little errand boy and get that message across"


*He ends the transmission*


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*The sound of rain can be heard hitting plastic as the transmission starts*

"We tried to be friendly, we tried to make peace, but the Saviors want nothing but trouble. They are nothing but a bunch of dead beat low lives who exploit the weak, and wage war against those who won't take their shit. Stop helping them. If they treat you nice it's because you have something they want, and it's only a matter of time before their grunts shoot you in the back to take it."

*Transmission Ends*

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*Pushes in his PTT shortly after beating someone in the fighting ring*

"Yeah okay, well you keep chatting your smack, and we'll keep on doing what we've actually been doing..."

*Lets out a heavy cough before continuing*

"Whilst we're here running a city, keeping people safe and doing our very best to protect this country from Russian invasion, you keep chatting your filth over the radio and making threats. Next time? Deliver your own messages instead of some errand boy and then making threats to other said errand boys huh? Bloody Pansies."

*He can be heard shouting to the other boys around him at the fight ring:*

"Who's next then boys?! THERE'S ONLY OOOOONE, TOEZ-Y WOEZIES!"

*The transmission cuts off to the sound of a cheering crowd chanting the fighters on*

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*Muffled voices can be heard in the background as he starts the transmission*

"Running a city and keeping people safe?"

*Laughter can be heard in the background*

"If you think you're genuinely keeping people safe in that shit hole you call home then you're mistaken."

"The people in that town are blind to the fact that you exploit the weak. You don't give a shit about the people living there, I've seen it with my own eyes."

"You don't protect a single soul. All you do is leave the helpless out in the streets and run into your little warehouse when your city gets attacked."

*More laughter arises from the background*

"The thing is Toez-y, we've always been around, you're just too stupid to realize"

*He ends the Transmission*

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*Picks up the radio now sat on top of a grain Silo*

"Well I don't think you've seen many fights here in Novaya recently, we've cleared space for the civilians or "helpless" as you call them at the back of our compound, the safest location, and bring them in when we can. Let's not fool ourselves, Everyone knows there's a threat impending somewhat over Novaya from the people that want to attack the Saviors, but we do what we can, and most of the time we're coming back positive. Fuck we even had someone have major chest and rib surgery in the back whilst we fought off attackers a couple of days ago..."

*Toez clicks off the ptt momentarily to let out a hearty cough before clicking it back on*

"Now look, why you've got to spread vile rumours and turn everyone against others? I don't quite know. I don't understand why you can't at the very least just settle your differences until the Russian threat is dealt with hmm? I'm trying to be civil here. You name people helpless when they live or trade within our town, but then anyone that trades to us must be beaten or worse? Let's sort this out proper, fuck claiming about the civilians, talk man on man, what's going on that you've got to sway everyone against us so desperately?"

*Toez releases the PTT and eagerly awaits a response, he continues to look around the area from atop the silo using his binoculars

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*The sound of a man being beaten in the background can be heard as the transmission starts*

"You say you can keep your people safe, but your shrink here seems in pretty bad shape"

*The sound of a solid punch can be heard as a man gasps for air*

"Let this be a lesson to all of you Savior supporting rats out there, abandon them and help yourselves, help eachother rather than grovelling to low life scum."

*The sounds of a man groaning in pain can be heard as another mans voice cuts in*

"Dont be like Kevin here, supporting the Saviors is for the weak rats who would rather turn a blind eye to the Saviors injustices"

*Transmission ends*

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:: A mellow voice comes over the frequency ::

"It is a doctor's duty to help those in need, without bias or prejudice. I've listened to you preach about helping the needy, yet you judge those who stay with these 'Saviors' who have no where else to go."

"It's ironic. You are one in the same. The 'Saviors' have named those who do not side against their enemies also their foes. You honestly believe you are better than them? By beating a psychiatrist for doing his job? This crusade of yours won't gain you the support of the people, not that way. You demand these people change their ways by threatening them yet you have not shown them a way how. The only rat I hear is you bullying the mice in the dark."

:: The transmission ends ::

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*Toez pushes down on the PTT after being blatantly ignored*

"Unfortunately you show yourselves in the clearest light now.. I have tried to be civil and get to the bottom of things with you, to sort things out and what do you do when given that opportunity? You ignore it and go back to just trying to turn people against us. Yet you have not even attempted to parlay with me, instead you have brushed me off, done more damage and turned more people against you."

*Toez sighs and thinks about his next words before continuing

"I am extending a hand to you here, to turn these things around. You say you tried to make peace? Demonstrate that peace maybe? The Saviors are in an extremely tight space at the moment with all that's going on in regards to Russian Invasions, home break-ins and Rape cases. We have an awful lot going on. I personally would really appreciate it if you took the time to sit down and discuss with me these issues against them so that we may move forward rather than just flinging shit over the radio and harming innocents?"

*Toez looks around, disappointed, before continuing*

"Get back to me."

*Toez releases the PTT and lights himself a fag*

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Mouse would have her feet kicked up on a table, she had been listening for a while as she smoked on her cancer-stick. She takes her radio, talking on it, the familiar Irish accent is heard...

”Right, so... I think I’m missing a point. What exactly have the saviours done?

All I know is they built a court for a real justice system. They saved my husband from seizures and provided chest surgery, made sure people get medical aid and protect the town. When I’ve been hostage, they have somehow found me and did a rescue mission. Hell, they even hunt their own food and drink. If that makes them the bad guys, fuuuuckkk me I must be the fucking devil in disguise...”

She chuckles, shaking her head to herself.

“What this looks like against you, and I mean from a majority of people’s perspectives is... you’re trying to start shit for no fucking reason.

You even admitted to open up a psychologists nose for what? Cause he knows people? Do I need to state the obvious that... that’s his job?”

She takes another large inhale, a sound of her exhaling out longly which may be detected as a long sigh.

”So, because it seems like you don’t want to bring up valid reasons, you want to attack people? 

I’d listen to Toez. Cause my god, if this was anyone else they wouldn’t be giving second chances.

I hope whatever conflict you have is resolved. Stay warm and safe.”

She lets her radio cut off, rubbing her hand over her mouth as her gaze blanks out.

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* Kevin hears the radio conversation as he lays on the sofa. His face, stomach and leg in constant pain, but still he cracks a smile and laughs as he picks up the radio *

” patient...........confidentiality!!.......remember that.....because....no matter....how hard you and....your people hit me......I stuck to my principles...what happened to yours?!. The Saviors are good people!.....you.....you are nothing to them.....Nothing!....what’s coming...it’s bigger than all of us...if we don’t stick together....none of this will matter....make...your....choice!!! 

* sound of laughter followed by the sound of sharpe pain can be heard as the radio clicks off *

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*Jamal presses down the PTT*

Protect people? Someone came over a megaphone last night and shouted "Get out of my country dogpig" the civilians who looked towards Saviors for help was refused entry to safety and no offence but whenever they think something is going to go down they all run inside their compound and hide while they let the locals stand their ground. 

Ms Mouse you claim they provided chest  surgery but all they did was call over the radio which anyone could have done and the REAL heroes arrived to help your husband. 

The only time they come out of their compound and actually patrol the town is when there is double digits of them able to show forc.

"BUT Jamal you don't know what's like to defend a town and people in it" *He says in a mockingly voice* 

Don't forget I do and we never hid even when getting constantly attacked maybe I can come by and teach you a few things. 

*Takes a breather* 

Oh I nearly forgot, doing your best to protect the country from Russian invaders? I heard over the radio that it you guys stopped them ONCE but it's funny how it's only you who have seen these invaders and it was YOUR town only that was attacked. Smells like propaganda to me, I don't care what you say, A bunch of Saviors or anyone from these lands couldn't take on the Russian Federation shit y'all couldn't even take on their girl scouts. 

Anyway stop acting like Saviors are gods gift to this shit country because at the end of the day you guys aren't y'all hide inside a base and claim that you protect people but when the time comes you leave them outside for the dogs and when they get hurt protecting the town you ignore that and claim the victory all to yourself. 

Au Revoir


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*Toez quickly grabs his radio and pushes down the PTT to respond*

"Last night was a difficult situation. As previously broadcasted, we in fact advised all civilians to stay clear of Novaya until we had properly reclaimed the area due to an attack whilst we were asleep, we had to reclaim our compound, and be wary of many attackers retaliating. We still have yet to give the all clear fully. Unfortunately, you are right, people had to be turned away yesterday under the fact that the enemy have been using infiltration tactics to get inside the compound and to try and destroy us from within. We deemed it necessary to send all civilians away, especially since Moody himself declared the temporary evacuation."

*Toez takes a breath and thinks about his next words carefully*

"You are right, the doctors were the real heroes in that situation, which is why we called them in. We're not claiming to have done major chest surgery, but we certainly made sure that the real doctors, heroes, had a place to do it and were safe the whole while. The issue is, we weren't trying to brag about this as you claim, we are trying to push the understanding that we're working to help the people. We've been working constantly on ways to ensure the civilians are safe during conflict. We know we've not been great at this previously, but as said, we're working on it."

*Toez assesses some movement in a treeline nearby before continuing

"In multiple recent conflicts we have let civilians into the compound to ensure their safety. You never hear about these people bragging about it over the radio correct? I'll tell you why, it's because people like these, who make threats and torture people just for being affiliated, knowing or hearing of us. They will not jeopardise themselves to big up our name. Those who know us and trust us, whilst not running around telling anyone, will rely on us once again, because there IS that trust."

*Toez coughs heavily and takes a break from speaking for a minute or so*

"As i've said to the other fellow, I'm extending a hand, why don't you take it also? I'm not claiming to fix anything and everything, but for all that it's worth, I can show you the evidence of the spent fuel rods from the Russians, I can show you the bullet I took fighting them, the pictures and information we took of and from their bodies... I'm not trying to swing dicks here. I'm trying to be civil and proper. Let's talk about these things before it's too late and neither of us have a chance?"

*Toez sighs, hopeful that they'll speak with him on civil terms, and releases the PTT

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*The crackle from the fire can be heard as he starts the transmission*

"A Justice system you say? what a joke. Your people tried to execute an innocent man on the streets after that little argument with that girl, he did nothing wrong."

*He takes a moment to control the anger building*

"My people and I do not like the selfish and greedy. We take from people like you. We'll start with your supply runners, then your civilians, until they're too afraid to come back.

*Muffled voices can be heard in the background*

"The first time I met The Savior's, they told me to fuck off for walking down the road. That's when I beat ten bricks of shit out of Falk in front of his boyfriend."

"In case you were still wondering Toez, my people and I are not accepting your offer. You can all burn in hell for all I care."

*He ends the transmission*

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*Toez responds quickly and with an anger in his voice, pushing down the PTT*

"You claim of wanting peace but now say the first time you met us, you met Falk? Well guess what? Falks a deadbeat wannabe who isn't even with us anymore. If you find him? So, to be honest, thanks for smacking the bitch."

*Toez clears his throat and presses the PTT once more

"Now if you want to start chatting smack and declaring that you're the big bad mean wolf that's gonna scare our people away? Listen up sunshine, you're nothing but a fuckin' weasel who hides about trying to attack hard working people. While you sit on your arse and blame everyone else for the world going to shit. I honestly ask you to be a FUCKING man for once in your life and not just be a prick to the INNOCENT FUCKING PEOPLE that live in this town, if you've got a fight to pick with someone? Don't be a fucking coward. If you're coming  to tickle the bulls' balls, expect to get fuckin' charged."

*Toez releases, takes a few breaths to clear his anger somewhat, and presses the PTT*

"I've extended the hand, you've slapped it away. Now i'm going to tell you; If you think your little radio calls worry us about the people? Trust me, we've all heard it about a thousand fucking times before. The people of this town have all survived this world, fuck i'd be suprised if you could even take one of them on."

"Vive La Saviors, prick."

*Toez releases the radio and lights himself another fag, as he leans back on his patio chair upon a roof in Novaya*

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“Doctors should be neutral. Its out jobs and our passion to help anyone in need. Its even harder now with the injuries weve been seeing. 

Its people like you, who beat up one, to send a message about you and your ‘nobleness’, note sarcasm.. that tell me more than any words could possibly come out of your mouth. 

Meanwhile the people you claim are the the worst, have allowed enemies to be given proper medical treatment and not once have I had someone attempt to control who I can or cannot treat.

The problem is all you idiots keep going after what you percieve is power. There are always reasons to twist stories, trample people, and try to act all heroic. Meanwhile you’re blaming and hurting innocents. Making dumbass excuses of ‘well why did you let this happen?’ When you know damned well that the only reason it happened, was because you catalysted it in the first place.

Not so good for you... there are people who see straight through that bullshit.”

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*Jamal presses down the PTT*

Everyone join me in laughing at the fools who started this conversation. I haven’t been friends with the Saviors as a whole but come on a bunch of nobodies threatening them is hilarious even to me!

*Jamal laughs into the radio before coughing and releasing the button*

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*Frank Blackburn pushes down the PTT on his radio*

"Men who oppose tyranny and seek justice, I would like to meet with you."

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*Transmission starts*

"Its plain and simple. We are normal survivors like most of you out their fighting for survival. We've been pushed around, strong armed, and betrayed by the Saviors for far to long. This past week the Saviors attacked a friend of ours without provocation, and attempted to strong arm me in the town square. We have finally decided to stand up and fight back rather than be pushed around by selfish thugs known as the "Saviors". To those of you who have accused us of hurting innocents you are incorrect, we have only acted against those who work directly for the Saviors, and those who would rather hide and conceal information on behalf of the Saviors. Our methods are not pure, but they are a direct response to the pain on suffering caused by the Saviors."

*The sound of rustling leaves, and a mild breeze can be heard as the transmission continues*

"Let this be known. All people found aiding and abetting the Saviors will be stripped of theirs weapons and questioned. All people found fraternizing with the Saviors will be warned and educated in the error of their ways. All Saviors.....Will be executed."

*The transmission pauses then picks up again*

"To all those who have been victimized by the Saviors, now is the time to pick up your arms and fight back. To all current enemies of the Saviors such as the last transmission we hope this endeavor can bring us together to achieve this common goal."

*Transmission Ends*

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