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Seeking Therapy

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*Frank Blackburn rests in the small farm house, surrounded by the thick fog, then pushes down on the PTT of his radio*

"Hello.. Uhm I'm looking for any kind of certified therapist, psychologist, or anything like that. Respond to this radio frequency when you can, and we can meetup somewhere North.

*The voice fades away, leaving a trail of static*

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*Falk hears the man on the radio and presses the PTT*

Whats up with you kid?

*Falk lets go of the PTT*

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"Surrounded by death, destruction, despair. "

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* Kevin is busy writing down all the notes from yesterday’s meetings when he hears the voice on the radio. He puts down his pen and picks up the radio and presses the PTT *

” hello? Can you hear me ? My name is Doctor Kevin Shock and I am a psychologist, may I ask for your name ?. What seems to be the problem ? “ 

* Kevin realise the PTT to pick up his pen that rolled of the table, then presses the PTT again *

“ i would be more than happy to arrange a meeting with you, I’m up north in novaya. I can’t promise it will be today or even tomorrow, I have much work todo, but promise I will do my best “ 

* Kevin puts the radio down and turns to a fresh page on his note pad...ready to write *

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"Hello Doctor Shock, my name is Frank, and I would like to discuss many complex things that need a particular understanding. I am in the Novaya general area now, and would be willing to setup a meeting."

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* Kevin writes down the name “ frank “ on the note pad, picks up the radio and presses PTT *

” it’s very nice to hear from you frank, il be more than happy to arrange a meeting and discuss all the complex things you wish to understand, i can’t promise to give you all the answers you seek but I will do my up most to help anyway I can, contact me on This radio Freg ( Imation11 ) and we can arrrange it all “

* Kevin places the radio on the desk * 


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