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A small change in perspective

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     While everyone is holding themselves in a building waiting for the fog to disappear, I wanted to share a small story of how these last few months have made me happier as a person.

When I joined this community 2 years ago I didn't expect the roller coaster it would put me through. Over the course of multiple reports, many bad encounters and lack of experience on my part, it made the time spent on this community toxic, to me and others. I complained and made stupid mistakes, but if I was given the chance I would have done them again. Experiencing the bad made me want the good, to spend time on this game like no other because I never had a sense of community. This combined with my dumb hatred for players who I had no quarrel with made the fun seep out of the game and I left because I was not ready for it.

Only around 3 and a half months ago did I join back, this time I had grown a bit. I showed myself to want to get on everyday and experience fun and enjoyable roleplay in a game I solemnly loved. I went with some fantastic friends, met people who I never thought existed, and experienced all that I had 2 years ago through an entirely new lens. Taking it all in, each breath of fresh air taking itself into me. Pure bliss is an understatement to how I felt.

These last few weeks have been stressful too, but my thirst for wanting this game to feel good to play made me continue on. I persevered all because I wanted to see this community through a new perspective. To see each person, no matter their group affiliation and how they played, to see them as people. Casting aside all grudges and playing how I wanted to play, looking for those who loved the same thing as I do. Quite literally I changed, because I love this community and now being able to see that makes me happy.

I made this post not only to show how I changed from this community, but to those who are starting out as well. The rocky road may seem dangerous but in the end it is only your imagination and yourself holding yourself back from enjoying all there is here.
To all community members as well, what was the change that made you like this community more or respect it more? I love to hear what y'all have to tell and it only makes me happier ^-^

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