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The Chronicle of Decay

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Chapter 1 - The Smiths

Jackie and Thomas Mason, were somewhat advanced in their respected fields of both biochemistry and rocket science when they met in 1966 at the height of the cold war.  They were both assigned to operation "Genesis Valley" a highly secretive attempt by the U.K government to develop a secondary countermeasure against soviet biochemical weapons.  Being at the forefront in developing a gas based substance that could counteract the worst effects of a biochemical attack was something not just the Russians were becoming wary of. 

While Jackie became pregnant with their second child the couple continued to work but with their success came power, sway and influence in a dangerous world they had little experience in.  They were both approached by people claiming to have need of their research to do their own work on protecting their own country from Russian attack.  The Mason's refused at first but when they looked at the check offered to them the information started to flow, then the routine started, one that would see their sons grow up never really knowing who they sat down with every Friday night for dinner. 

The family would have "Guests" apparent friends of the family, a friendly couple "The Smiths". Every Friday for fifteen years they would arrive that the Masons door and every Friday they would be greeted with hugs and kisses to anyone with prying eyes it would indeed look like they are simply "Old Friends".  But nothing could be further from the truth. When the "Smiths" entered the house the act would be dropped and the family including their sons would sit down with Mr and Mrs Smith.  This is how Jackie and Thomas would relay information from their respective government projects to the Smiths.  But far from being Russian agents the smiths were something far more dangerous, they were spy's of no country but the now flourishing pharmaceutical company AGIS. 

The younger of the two sons would become and addict later in life and during a drug fuelled rant said a little too much at a cocktail party.  Jackie arrived wide eyed to a room of astonished guests.  But what transpired that night never became public knowledge as the gas line under the home sadly exploded, at least that's what the papers said.  Only one person had reason to think differently.

 The next day at a university in England a man would sit down to take a phone call his grip on the phone would tighten until it cracked from the pressure exerted upon its flimsy frame.  Tyrus Mason leaned back in the chair putting the phone down upon its hook "My family are dead".



(Apologises for my grammar if you find any mistakes.)


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